Monday, 3 May 2010

Full Monty from the BNP

I think it was the Independent that first made the connection between the BNP and the surreal sixties cult comedy 'Monty Python's Flying Circus'.

Reporter Jonathan Brown attended the launch of the BNP manifesto and identified "politics with a hint of Python" as he observed:

Nick Griffin an aspirant prime minister in waiting promised 'something completely different' whilst trailing awkwardly into the municipal splendour of Stoke-on-Trent civic centre behind a man dressed in what looked worryingly like a pair of curtains and wearing a saucepan on his head -

The flamboyant BNP manifesto presentation by Nick Griffin

Other newspapers picked up the analogy with glee, and refined the connection. George Pitcher of the Telegraph pinned down who in Monty Python the BNP reminded him of - Monty Python's Gumbys:

A Gumby

Suddenly I thought of a photograph of Norfolk BNP members enjoying a fund-raising dinner at a Norwich hotel on Trafalgar Day, 2008.

Norfolk BNP members and Trafalgar

Which irresistibly reminded me of the Gumbys' debate on Trafalgar:

The Gumbys and Trafalgar

The Gumbys are good for a laugh, but who in their right minds would vote them into any position of responsibility?

Keep the BNP Gumbys out of Norfolk - every vote is important this Thursday.

By Barbara Suzuki

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