Wednesday, 5 May 2010

BNP Marmite smear tactics

BNP Webmaster quits over ‘Marmite video’ dispute

From Liberal Conspiracy:

Yesterday, only two days before Britain goes to the polls, the BNP’s website disappeared for a while and was replaced by this message from its now ex-webmaster, Simon Bennett:

The services to this website have been suspended.

It is with regret that I have been forced to pull this website due to several attempts of theft today with regards to design work and content owned by myself.

It is no secret that I have been in dispute with some elements of the management of the party for sometime now, but had hoped to resolve these issues amicably and AFTER the elections.

However, due to several attempts to steal my work today and combined with the recent deliberate copyright infringement I feel I have been left with no alternative to this action and feel wholly justified in doing so.

The background of my dispute with the party can be read here: (link to Bennett’s personal website)

According to Lancaster Unity, who have the full details of this latest outbreak of infighting in the BNP’s ranks, Bennett briefly pulled the plug on the BNP’s website as a result of a serious dispute with Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson – profiled here by Searchlight – that stemmed from the party’s recent, unauthorised use of Unilever’s Marmite logo in the web version of its general election broadcast.

To cut a very long story short, Bennett claims that he was left to face the music when this publicity stunt blew up in the party’s face, after Unilever sent in its lawyers to obtain an injunction against the BNP for copyright infringement, despite having been opposed to the use of the logo from the outset.

As in invariably the case when infighting in the BNP hits the public domain, Bennett’s account of his falling out with Griffin and Dowson alleges that he was threatened with violence after pulling the plug on the BNP’s website, which he claims to have reinstated only after receiving requests from ordinary party members, who he describes as ‘decent people’.

Bennett’s account also alludes to alleged inregularities in the party’s finances, another common feature of any public falling out with Griffin, although one that may gain rather more traction on this occasion as the party in currently being being investigated by the Electoral Commission after its own auditors indicated that they could not certify the accuracy of its more recent set of published accounts.

by Unity


This is happening hours before the elections! So much for party loyalty. The worms turn in the BNP, and once again it is senior BNP management against senior BNP management.

Alert readers may recall that it was only a short time ago that the BNP ex-head of publicity, Mark Collett, was reported to the police for threatening to kill Nick Griffin, according to the BNP.

At the same time the organiser of the BNP in East Anglia, Eddy Butler, lost his position within the BNP amid allegations of an attempted 'palace coup' against Nick Griffin, leaving the Norfolk BNP candidates in pathetic disarray and confusion.

It is the ordinary BNP supporter that I feel the most sorry for. Mercilessly exploited by a callous and greedy leadership, treated with so much disdain that details of their membership are leaked into the public domain by disgruntled BNP management, and still awaiting proper accounting of where their hard-earned donations are being spent, the ordinary BNP member is cutting a pitiful figure once again.

We opponents of the BNP have long seen that this Party is rotton to the core. Any party that seeks to divide a nation against its own citizens is fundamentally flawed.

Don't say we haven't tried to warn you.

*** Even more detail at our sister site, Norfolk Unity

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