Friday, 7 May 2010

Crowther crashes in Broadland

From the BBC:

Keith Simpson Conservative24,33846.2+2.8
Daniel Roper Liberal Democrat17,04632.4+2.9
Allyson Barron Labour7,28713.8-9.8
Stuart Agnew UK Independence Party2,3824.5+1.1
Edith Crowther British National Party8711.7+1.7
Susan Curran Green7521.4+1.4

1 comment:

  1. The poor voting figures in the broadland area for Edith Crowther(BNP) said it all, you are not wanted in the area with your facist and hatred propoganda. In fact it was the poorest show of all the BNP candidates in the Norfolk region, glad you lost your deposit! Please take you views elsewhere, to somewhere where people might listen perhaps, stay out of Norfolk and in particular Broadland. Edith you are an emabarssement to Britain and the British people.