Sunday, 15 December 2013

English Defence League Announce 2014 demos

From EDL News by Gary Hasting

Some members of the East Anglian EDL

The English Defence League has announced the first three EDL demonstrations for 2014. 

The ailing far right organisation plans to go to Slough on either the 1st or 8th of February according to an announcement on various division Facebook walls.

The EDL then plans to demonstrate in Kidderminster on 22nd March and then in Sheffield, some time in May.

EDL News has no idea why Kidderminster or Slough was chosen or even if the organisation will still be going by then.

The last EDL national demonstration in Exeter could only pull less than two hundred people which resulted in four arrests ranging from drunkenness to drugs possession and carrying an offensive weapon.

The organisation has been on its knees since the defection of leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll to Muslim think tank Quilliam.


The EDL has had its chance to make its points, but those points were blunted by the self-destructive EDL acts of public drunkenness, violence and crime.

EDL demonstrations have caused a nuisance to shoppers and high street businesses alike, and taxpayers have forked out for extra local policing, repair of the damage and court cases.

Whilst the EDL has the right to rally in political protest, that right does not include the right to commit criminal acts and damage.  

One group's rights must not be at the expense of the rights of others.    

How many of the East Anglian EDL have got the message?  

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