Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Spelling - does it really matter?

Well, yes, if you are trying to make a political point and if you want to be taken seriously.

What's so difficult about having a google, a spell-check or using a dictionary, especially when making a political banner?

Some clowns lose the argument before it even begins:


  1. @ "Respect are Country, speak English"......

    You seem to have missed the placard above which read...."Americans help us boycott Mexico".....

    And the "Never submit to Aslan" pic see's the "A" in "Aslan" photoshopped as a different colour to the rest of the placard, and it's even line with the rest of the "Aslan" word, as seen in the link below where even one of your former haunts, the UAFs "Lancaster Unity" don't believe it...

    Lies and half truths from a Hope not Hate supporter.....Who would have foreseen that?.....(sic)

  2. You may be right about Aslan, but there are enough spelling mistakes on any random EDL page to support my point.
    Just look at that poster above that demands "Learn our Language" and "Intergrate" (sic). Any political point it seeks to make is lost.
    "Sport our troops" is my personal favourite. What's yours?