Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Prince of Wales Road

Under the boastful sign

is a mute critique.

 Mindless graffiti

and under the Arnolds Office


These pictures taken Sunday 15th at about 10.30 am, AFTER an initial clean-up. 

Do the POW nightclubs and fast food outlets contribute enough towards the cleaning?  

Disgruntled residents claim they do not.

From edp24: 

A 70-strong group of people who live in streets neighbouring Prince of Wales Road filled the King’s Centre for the Norwich Stakeholders Forum to discuss with councillors, police and fire officials how to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

They demanded more action to stop their lives being disturbed by drunken revellers who spill out of clubs on Prince of Wales Road in the early hours and make noise, urinate in the street and vandalise property.

One resident of King Street described his road as “looking like a bomb hit it” on a Friday night with pizza and fast food packets lying among urine and vomit, while other attendees said roads were often strewn with smashed glass from bottles.

They proposed a number of measures to prevent the night time problems, including imposing a levy on fast food restaurants to pay for the mess to be cleaned up and introducing alley-gating, whereby gates are put on public paths leading from Prince of Wales Road to stop revellers getting down them and causing problems for residents.


  1. Don't know what this has to do with hope not hate, but I'll bite.

    You can't "clean up" POW rd,but continue the culture created by capitalism where workers find their release through getting drunk,venting pent up anger,sexual frustration and outward displays of macho behavior.

    But as long as G4S run Wyndnham police station,and prisons,as long as Serco and other groups transport prisoners, basically, as long as there is money in criminal justice,the situation on POW will not end.

    The dominat culture gains from these state of affairs as long as we seen't taking it out on them.

  2. So if what you say is true, defy the G45, SERCO and "the dominant culture" by improving the environment we live in! We do not have to accept graffiti, uneaten food and blood on our streets because others are "venting".

  3. The only way you can change that is by those people changing their lifestyle,and by rejecting the culture they engage in, but it's promoted and normalised from a young age, the drinking,partying,the socialisation of how men are to treat women and each other. This is out culture,it has a lot of money,propaganda and work on many levels to ensure it continues.

    Graffiti is an attempt to take back spaces,to express ones self,you can't attack and bemoan graffiti, while ignoring billboards,and adverts in every space,it's just as "ugly" and unwanted,yet we accept it passivity,almost unconditionaly,worse,we identify with it,we know the logos more than the names of trees and plants.

    As for uneaten food,again, this culture we live in is a throw away one. In Norwich,so much food is uneaten,thrown out by supermarkets.

    I there is enough each night to feed anyone going hungry in Norwich, I know this as I and others bin five for food,you really,really can't ignore that while talking about in eaten food.

    And if you can afford to live just off prince of Wales,or riverside,you probably have the money and mobility to move.

    But I want to hear what you propose,rather than moaning to the police and council?
    While it's very nice that these residents form of "protest" gets picked up by high ranking official people,lucky you,most don't get listened to quite so quickly,if at all.