Thursday, 31 October 2013

Interface Learning

Anyone who is interested in integration projects with new communities: asylum seekers, refugees and others,  Interface Learning is NOW recruiting Mentors for young people and adults, for details, or to offer other grassroots volunteering support (with language classes, homework and friendship clubs and other activities).  Please like the page and keep in touch!


Interface Learning volunteers bring a wide range of skills to all our integration programmes – from leading specialist arts workshops to simply having a friendly conversation over a cup of tea with a new participant. IL volunteers are of a wide range of ages, and nationalities – from Norwich’s new communities, local people, students and visitors.

We train and support all volunteers, and carry out DBS checks (essential if you are working with children and young people).

Interface Learning is a company limited by guarantee with charitable aims, based in Norwich. We set up projects that bring people together across differences in age, race, gender, cultural and social groups, to develop new skills and promote cross-cultural friendship and understanding.

IL works with organisations, communities, families, young people and individuals from 27 countries, speaking 19 different languages and provides a range of volunteer opportunities.

Our clubs and projects bring people together in an informal and friendly atmosphere to learn new skills and meet new people, through practical, creative, hands-on activities.

At our core is the belief that greater diversity makes for richer community, and that integration and empowerment are key to community cohesion.

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