Saturday, 5 October 2013

EDL Hate music, love racism and the tactics of intimidation

From Exposing the English Defence League by Janie Jones:

The EDL have never shied away from using tactics of intimidation. All our admins have had many many threatening messages over the last 4 years. It seems though that the EDL have now taken this up as an official tactic. A couple of weeks ago The EDL intimidated the owners of a pub in Ipswich into cancelling a Love Music, hate racism gig, organised by 16 year old kids:

A group was set up to ensure that this would not happen again and that the gig would go ahead. An insider in the EDL told us that the EDL had a new tactic :
This is just one of the messages admins of “stand against the EDL in Ipswich & Suffolk” received. Ginge is one of the EDL organisers in Ipswich.

Lets not think this was isolated, who can forget the lovely leader of the EDL stalking a random man after picking a name from a phone book.

Now the EDL and their good friends Casuals United have obviously decided they didn’t look pathetic enough being scared of kids so have threatened to demo a disco. Yep, a disco.

After we reported this on our fb site one of our admins got this message:

So it would seem new EDL tactics of intimidation are based on the fact that some random people once got one of their events cancelled so now they are going to try and do the same to any opposition. They are clever guys. 

While it is easy to laugh at the EDL it has to be remembered that members of one of their offshoot groups were recently jailed for attacking anti racists.  They have been praised as heroes by many EDL members. 

We can also look across to Greece and Golden Dawn to see where these violent intimidation tactics can lead. 

We won’t be scared off and we won’t be intimidated. It is time though for the police and politicians to start taking note of these very real threats, stand up and be counted.


  1. Nice to see that you lot are educating us all about the Daily Mails support of Mosley in the thirties....However, I wonder when Hope Not Hate are going to "expose" the BBCs murky Nazi past" as the founder John Reith's Fascist sympathies were such, that he kept Churchill away from the airwaves throughout the thirties, as he was a huge admirer of one Adolf Hitler.,_1st_Baron_Reith#Pro-fascist_sympathies
    And obviously they'll never want to expose the Daily Mirror, as they're a major funder of Lowles and co.....

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