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EDL suckers - where did your money go?

EDL members were warned by EDL News long ago and yet still they donated, bought the merchandise and subsidised the crooks.

From EDL News by Gary Fiennes-Hastings, 02 July 2012:

Last June it was revealed that the EBay and PayPal accounts of the English Defence League (EDL) had been frozen. This was the expected response by both EBay and PayPal for a breach of their User Agreements by an organisation that actively promotes anti-Muslim, xenophobic, and racist sentiments (and one that has generated a lot of criminals to boot too). The EDL denied the reasons for this closure of their accounts at the time of course, promising its supporters that the EDL Hoodies and branded Face Masks would arrive as promised.

Whether they ever actually got the items that they paid for, is anyone's guess, but what is certain is that it wasn't too long before the EDL again started to collect financial donations through PayPal. Convenient for an organisation that receives donations from as far as North America and Europe (there is a reason after all why its leaders regularly appear on fringe Canadian television programs and use fake online accounts to promote the EDL). However, there is a slight twist to the story, as it seems that PayPal might not be aware that the EDL is again using its services. The reason being – money 'donated towards the EDL' doesn't go directly to the EDL at all, but first goes into the account of a registered clothing business.

For those who don't know, the English Defence League is not only a political organisation, but it also involves at least three businesses registered with Companies House. A quick search brings up 'EDL English Defence League Ltd' with the sadistic Kahanist Roberta Moore listed as the director. Another search brings up 'The English Defence League Angels (EDL) Ltd', and the 'The English & Jewish Defence League (EDL) Limited'; both of which are directed by Helen 'Hel' Gower – the personal assistant to EDL leaders Stephen Lennon and Kevin Carroll.

So it should come to no surprise that the English Defence League has connections with other registered businesses. And here we arrive at 'NRNLS Ltd' – a clothing business registered to an address in Poole and directed by a Mr Timothy 'Tim' Ablitt. Tim Ablitt only happens to be an EDL activist and an official Regional Organiser for the Far-Right 'British Freedom Party'.

So what's the connection between NRNLS Ltd and the EDL? Well, twofold. The first is that NRNLS Ltd is the company that supplies the EDL with its clothing range, which the EDL in turn, then sells on their website. Nothing illegal here of course. After all, an organisation that requires a product requires a supplier. A small, independent business owned by a Far-Right activist comes in handy when large businesses may have their image tarnished through striking deals with groups such as the EDL.

The second connection between NRNLS Ltd and the EDL relates back to PayPal. If the EDL have been denied the use of PayPal's services, then the question has to be asked: how does the EDL continue to use the company's services? Why is it that the EDL website has two links to what is advertised as their PayPal account - one banner pleading for potential donators to 'Buy us a Pint' – which the EDL regularly advertises on its Facebook pages (as the EDL predominantly exists online as a loose and sprawling collection of Facebook groups).

Well, the simple answer is that the PayPal account does not belong to the EDL – despite being advertised as such - but belongs to NRNLS Ltd. Whether the EDL actually receives any of the money or not is unknown, but what is certain is that the EDL are using NRNLS Ltd as a front organisation through which to by-pass PayPal's denial of service, and that money 'donated to the EDL' is actually being donated into the account of a NRNLS Ltd – a private limited company.

This should not only alarm those who have unknowingly given money to NRNLS Ltd, or PayPal for being kept in the dark (the latter have now been contacted). It also shows that there is money in hate, and that the EDL and NRNLS Ltd both have a financial incentive to keep doing what they do, to the detriment of everyone else. The money collected may go back into the EDL's coffers, but that's not known. Nor is it known what controls the EDL or NRNLS Ltd have in place, to ensure that the money collected goes to where it is meant to go. If an organisation - especially one like the EDL - is willing to employ a front-organisation to raise funds, then what else it that organisation willing to do?

EDL announce Tim Ablitt as new Chairman
10 October, 2013
Category: EDL News  Written by Gary Hasting

After the departure of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll earlier this week, the English Defence League has announced Tim Ablitt will the new chairman of the far right organisation.

A meeting was held last night which Robinson and Carroll were supposed to attend to answer questions via Skype but neither of them showed up.

The meeting decided that they would retain regional organisers and have a chairman in overall control.

Tim with Tommy

Yes, you read it aright, the same EDL clothing merchant Tim Ablitt mentioned in the article published in July 2012 (above) is to take over the EDL, according to the EDL News article quoted.

The question is - how does Mr Ablitt separate "donations" from naive EDL supporters that go to his company through PayPal, from payments for his EDL merchandise?

And then how are those donations used?

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