Saturday, 12 October 2013

Low EDL turnout looking for trouble

From Andy Gill‏@MerseyHack:

EDL members have moved toward one of the police lines.

From Bradistan Tales‏@Bradistan_tales:

#edl have started to confront the police, approx 150 edl on loose in

From @EDLNewsXtra:

#EDL turnout in Bradford is looking a little thin...

At least one EDL member is not happy:

EDL where are ya. This is bradford for fuck sake.

From Bradistan Tales‏@Bradistan_tales:

Burka wearing #EDL scum trying to provoke Police and passers by:

 EDL News by Gary Hasting:

EDL drags it's twitching corpse to Bradford

There was nothing much else on everyone's minds in the Queens pub in Bradford this afternoon. 

The main conversation of the day was Tommy Robinson's defection to an anti extremist group...

Many assumed he had converted to Islam whilst in prison for immigration offences, others assumed that he was paid off by the establishment, many were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until they woke up to a cold and wet morning which brought them the news that Tommy was intending to work with the police to rid the EDL of violent extremists.

The EDLers we spoke to were angry, shattered, dismayed, let down and ripped off. One member told us he has had trouble sleeping with all this going on.

Various threats were made towards Robinson by the very cult he started.

What is left of the EDL, was seen in Bradford this afternoon and barely 400 turned up to drag the rotting corpse of the far right organisation two hundred yards from the Queens to their demo point.

They got off to a bad start in failing to ingratiate themselves with the people of Bradford by forcing Bradford City FC to move their home game to last night due to the estimated 1,300 police officers required to police them.

Then this morning EDL's new uncharismatic leader, Tim Ablitt, posted to his Facebook account that he was on his way to a 'hell hole', a sure fire way of attracting local support which was only in it's tens to start with as most had to be shipped in from elsewhere.

Their morning had got off to a bad start, when their coaches and minibuses were stopped by police and searched before they even entered the city. Upon arrival they were forced to wait in a long queue to be searched before they were allowed in the pub. West Yorkshire police had this one tightly locked down.

Things kicked off early and two EDLers got arrested after fighting each other which set the benchmark for the rest of a gloomy and cold day in the North.

So few were there, the march started half an hour early and they shuffled the whole 200 yards within minutes only to stand in the rain and listen to some dull and uninspiring speeches.

Their superstar main attraction was not there for he had turned on them and accused them of being Nazis and extremists. This was a bitter pill to swallow, and many were not interested in anything that those that made speeches had to say. It was the same blah blah they hear at every demo. There was however an audible boo when Robinson's name was mentioned.

Robinson earlier stated that street demonstrations had become pointless and this particular demonstration proved his point.

Attendance figures were down by hundreds on the estimated numbers, before Robinson defected. Many turn up at demos to see him speak, many turned up at this demo as they had already paid for their transport and they feared that this would be their last big day out with like minded booze hounds, hooligans and racists.

Their fears may well have become true.

As one of our Twitter followers put it, "The EDL normally get outnumbered by police, today they were outnumbered by police horses."


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