Saturday, 12 October 2013

EDL gathering in Bradford

Preparations begin for first EDL rally under new leadership, and I'm gathering reports from around the web (attributed where possible):

EDL Head To Bradford For First Rally Since Resignation Of Tommy Robinson

From Huffington Post. by Charlotte Meredith:

The leaderless English Defence League will today hold its first demonstration since the resignation of Tommy Robinson this week.

The rally in the centre of Bradford will be the first by the EDL since the departure of Robinson, who said he left the anti-Islamic group because "far-right extremism" had "ruined everything".

Among the groups expected to attend the demonstration are the National Front, Casuals United, March for England and the North-West Infidels.

The EDL are due to arrive on coaches and buses in Bradford's Interchange station from about 11am and will be kettled in an area on adjacent Bridge Street.

Gary Hastings, who runs the anti-EDL website EDL News said he expected a strong turnout in Bradford - if only because so many EDL activists had already paid for their coach and train tickets before they learned Robinson had quit.

The protest will lead to road closures and other disruption in the city centre, while the policing of the event could cost up to £800,000, the Mirror reported.

But, so far, things seem quiet.

From Richard Edwards @reporterich

From Maya Harris:

From Richard Edwards‏@reporterich

About 250 at #UAF counter demo

From HOPE not hate:

2 #EDL arrrested after coming to blows with each other!

More to follow:

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