Monday, 12 January 2015

Far-right demonstration at Norwich Station

From EDP24: 

Men claiming to be from the National Rebirth of Poland handing out leaflets outside Norwich Railway Station on Sunday

A group of men claiming to be from a far-right Polish nationalist group staged a demonstration at Norwich Station against the jailing of the leader of a far-right movement in Greece.

The seven men, some of whom partially hid their faces, waved flags and unfurled a banner for National Rebirth of Poland this lunchtime.

They also handed out leaflets demanding that the Greek authorities release the leader of Golden Dawn, a far-right party in Greece that many believe to be neo-Nazi.

Some comments 

From anonymous tip-off:

Hey guys, there appears to be a group of fascists outside Norwich train station. They have a golden dawn flag and a swastika-like symbol. Some are covering their faces.

From an anonymous wit:

There's nothing more ironic than an immigrant far-right group 'coming here and...', er, defending neo-nazi anti-migrants in another country who (would) have them deported if they had their way. Weird isn't it.

And from the local far right, not-quite-as-witty East Anglian members of the moribund EDL:

Si Forster: "If they can do that why don't we we need people to give out leaflets and show others that it's alright to think like this"

Wolfie Smith: "FFS everyone's protesting on our streets other than us, the Poles ,fuckin' Palestinians, Muzzies wtf's goin' on."

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