Thursday, 29 January 2015

Next Skeptics Talk

Tim Bastable

Tuesday, February 3 at 7:30pm

Scan the media and the internet and you can find renewable energy characterised as anything from a colossal waste of tax payers' money to a planet saving technology that will exploit an almost unlimited free energy flux. These extremes are the most polarised manifestation of an entirely false "political storm" about renewable energy, the reasons why we need it and the limits on its use.

The vehemently anti-nuclear green movement and the (often energy industry funded) anti-renewables lobby share culpability for the fog of misinformation surrounding an important path to reducing the carbon intensity of our energy supply. This talk aims to shine the spotlight of reason in an attempt to cut through the murk.

Tim Bastable has been involved in environmental issues since a night of malt whiskey and conversation with Dave McTaggart onboard the Rainbow Warrior in Lerwick Harbour in the mid-1970's. He's campaigned on various issues throughout his life and recently worked as writer and researcher on sustainability writing about climate change, renewables, and the politics of sustainability. He has helped run permaculture design courses and been involved in communal low impact living for many years. 

Current interests include the USA corporate campaigns to "muddy the climate change waters", monitoring the covert and overt policy changes on energy and climate in the present UK government, and realistic pathways to sustainability.

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