Monday, 12 January 2015

Norwich tribute to Charlie Hebdo victims

From EDP24 by Lauren Cope:

People brave wind and rain to pay their respects at Norwich tribute to Charlie Hebdo victims

On a cold, wet night people gather at The Forum in Norwich to remember the journalists, cartoonists and police officers killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris. Picture by SIMON FINLAY.

Dozens braved the wind and rain tonight to light candles and show their solidarity at a tribute held in memory of the Charlie Hebdo victims.

Charlie Hebdo victim tribute

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Umbrellas in hand, they gathered outside the Forum for the public tribute to remember the journalists, cartoonists and police officers killed in the attack, hostages, as well as the four French Jews killed in a Paris kosher market.

A team effort ensured that candles spelling out ‘Charlie’ shone brightly, while signs were held high and badges reading ‘Je Suis Charlie’ - a phrase adopted by those supporting freedom of expression after the attack - were worn with pride.

Organiser Clémentine Pellegrino, who moved to Norwich from Nice two years ago, said: 
My French friends and I felt like it would be good for the freedom of speech and to show the outside world that people do not want to surrender to these attacks.

There is a chance that the people in France see what we have done and we want to show our support.

This is a message of peace, and a chance to show the Muslim community that we support them.
Jenny Austin, 19, attended after hearing about the event through her friends.

The University of East Anglia student said: 
We all spoke about it and decided we should come down.

The last few days in France were shocking and we wanted to show that we do not feel intimidated.

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