Friday, 16 January 2015

Fame at last

From EDP24

Norwich set to feature in Channel 5’s new binge drinking TV series

Celebrating NewYears 2015 in Norwich, too many drinks of alcohol and this guy finds himself arrested after an altercation of fighting on Prince of Wales Road in Norwich.

Life after dark in Norwich’s night-time economy is set to be laid bare as part of a new documentary series looking at the post-pub problems that develop on nights out in the city.

Celebrating NewYears 2015 in Norwich. A female reveller on the floor in Prince of Wales Road in Norwich. Pic: Rob Colman.

Norwich After Dark is part of Channel 5’s Closing Time series, which started this month and explores the UK’s binge drinking culture, featuring what happens after dark in places like Newcastle, Southampton, Cardiff and Norwich.

The Norwich episode, which has not yet aired, will feature the work of the city’s pioneering SOS Bus with casualties being patched up on board the medical bus as well as looking at what goes on in taxi waiting rooms.

As reported this month, police say the Prince of Wales Road area is now “saturated” with bars and clubs and have called on the city council to take action to prevent new venues from opening.


And when are the bar and club owners of Prince of Wales Road and Riverside going to be made more responsible for cleaning up after their clients?  This blog has asked this question before.

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