Monday, 12 January 2015

Norwich Tribute

From organiser Clémentine Pellegrino:

Dear All

I just typed a very simple programme of today's event.
PLEASE do not see this as me wanting to take control or credit for the whole thing, this is just so that people know what to expect. thank you.
Programme for the Charlie Hebdo Tribute in Norwich, Monday 12/01/2015

18:30 : Distribution of the JE SUIS CHARLIE signs, candles and pens. we will have brought some, but of course you are welcome and encouraged to bring whatever seems meaningful to you for the vigil.

19:00 : I will do a short introduction speech with a reading of a small number of texts that I found appropriate.

Then, ANYONE who wants to speak will be encouraged to say whatever they want, provided it is peaceful, apolitical, and related to the subject matter of course.

And finally, the people who will have brought candles will be encouraged to light them, and those who will have brought pens or any other non-luminous symbolical items, encouraged to do whatever they want to expose them.

This will be followed by a minute of silence.

The press has been warned, so anybody who will want to talk to them will be more than welcome.
After all, this is not about me, you, or anyone apart from those who lost their lives in these tragic events.
After all, this tribute is to show that we are supporting them, their families, and to show the forces that will only pull us out of this misery.

Thank you.

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