Sunday, 25 January 2015

Local EDL blog trawl

We are well into the New Year, so time for a descent into the local EDL blogs. 

I found revealing evidence of the dwindling relevance of the EDL in general, but still with flashes of the old EDL smears, lies, hatred, and violence that so galvanised opposition to the EDL-brand of street politics.

The East Anglian Blog & Radio Show, and has nothing but a list of advertisements for some radio show.

EDL Ipswich has no posts for 2015, and most of 2014 posts are advertising the EDL shop.

EDL Norwich seems to have disappeared.

EDL Norfolk has two posts this year and no comments.

EDL Cambridgeshire is defending UKIP and having a go at Harriet Harman, claiming "When it comes to Women Rights in Islam .... She has nothing to say ......... Funny that"

EDL Cambridgeshire is wrong.

A short google shows that as long ago as 2006 Harman said here that the veil harmed Muslim women's opportunities for human rights. 

EDLCambridgeshire FAIL.

Edl East Anglian Division Page are advertising a proposed demo in an example of the triumph of optimism over experience, and there are desultory comments on the TV programme “Angry, White and Proud”

At least one member has seen the light. He comments:

Andy Essex hahaha.......look at any EDL demo and all you see is people drinking, idiots staggering around and violence. Look at Rotherham on the documentary, SEA and others walked into Rotherham, no cans, no drunks, no violence.....then it cuts to the EDL demo where people are fighting with eachother. 

Another thinks Pegida is the way to go:

Craig North Well I preferred the early EDL days. I am freelance now but I see Pegida as the way forward. EDL did a great job for 4 or 5 years to wake up the working classes,but its downfall was it didn't evolve. The drinking culture and the refusal to appoint a new 'face' as leader after Tommy Robinson left has hurt them. Also it became far too politically correct and lost its edge from 2011 onwards. Pegida is growing massively everywhere and their UK page has hit 10,000 members in its first week. EDL deserves its place in history for what its achieved,but its time for the next chapter.

(Pegida, or “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the Occident”, is anti-establishment, anti Islamist, and full of neo-Nazis. Its leader Lutz Bachmann was exposed last week in German tabloids for posing as Hitler on his Facebook page, and has since stepped down:

A fine role model.  Or not.)

This site proclaims " EastAnglianEDL Peacefully protesting against millitant Islam", so how does the site manager explain this comment, dated January 13, apparently from an American, in response to a posted article on a proposed EDL anti-mosque march?:

Daryl Kabatoff We will make Canada and USA a trap to the Moslems, none are to leave here alive. Deportation is no longer an option as they will cause problems for others in the countries we deport them to, and they will end up causing us more problems later. Jail is not an option either, there they brutalize prisoners who dare to cook pork in the communal kitchens and brutalize prisoners who dare to decorate their cells with non-Islamic pictures, and there they recruit other prisoners into Islam. The most "moderate" of the Moslems come for your jobs (and tax money) and gladly pay halal taxation, which is used to fund jihad. We must shoot them on the streets, shoot them where we find them, and after we cleanse North America, then we must turn our sites to other continents. Americans and Canadians will work together to overthrow corrupt governments around the world.

Apart from the irony of having a foreigner take on the EDL job of voicing hatred against Muslims this is a shocking rant by someone who does not seem entirely sane.

(LATER:  I googled this unusual name and discover there is a notorious gun nut Daryl Kabatoff who has a record for such unsettling posts.)

The post bristles with hatred and incitement to violence and is probably illegal.  

It is a disgraceful post, and directly contradicts the claim of "Peaceful protest". It shames the East Anglian EDL in particular and the EDL in general.  It has been on the East Anglian EDL Facebook page for 13 days now.

Let's see how long it stands after this exposure.

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