Friday, 16 November 2012

Another EDL humiliation

Kevin Carroll suffers massive defeat at PCC polls

From EDLNews:

Kevin Carroll suffered a massive defeat at the polls last night as Bedfordshire took to the booths to vote for a new Police and Crime Commissioner.

Carroll, also de facto leader of the English Defence League was the only far right candidate standing in Bedfordshire.

Carroll in happier days
Carroll has already claimed that his election campaign would have been fairer had it taken place in 'Zimbabwe or China.' according to an interview.

Carroll's election campaign had been a disaster from the start after he was arrested and bailed for 'conspiracy to commit a public nuisance' the day after he put his £5,000 deposit done. His arrest was in connection with an alleged plot to transport 53 balaclava clad English Defence League thugs to a mosque in the back of a furniture removal van which saw former leader of the EDL, Tommy Robinson remanded in prison on various charges, one of which was illegal entry to the United States with Carroll.

If this was not a wake up call that suggested his election campaign was not quite on the right tracks, he took to his Facebook page to label a large number of his potential electorate 'backward savages'. This would, of course, refer to the Muslim community after he took umbrage at their Eid celebrations.

A few days later he was surprised and outraged that someone had taken it on themselves to paint a Hitler moustache on him on his billboard poster accompanied by a swastika. Carroll took to the streets in the early morning to paint over them which made him look like he had a bad lop sided 'porn star' moustache and a dirty shirt.

The British Freedom Party were then outraged after the billboards were taken down.

His last faux pas was turning up at a remembrance service in Luton uninvited. Due to lack of awareness in his actual importance he decided to stand amongst some serving troops and cadets and fell into line with them when they were called to attention.

He then found himself in the middle of a march and he shuffled awkwardly along with them with no exit strategy.

If that was not bad enough, he allegedly told a green party activist and disabled man that he would jail him if he won the PCC, due to his political views.

Fears that a low turnout would let him in through the backdoor were unfounded after Bedfordshire overwhelmingly told Carroll that his far right politics were not welcome in the country. Carroll's claims that he speaks for the 'silent majority' no longer hold water and the British Freedom Party have learnt an expensive lesson.

This endorsement from the incarcerated EDL leader probably did not help Carroll, as HOPE not hate reports:

Criminal thug backs PCC candidate

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Lennon: Thug backs thug 
Lennon: Thug backs thug

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