Friday, 9 November 2012

We Are Norwich updates

From We Are Norwich website:

All running smoothly

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Chapelfield Gardens at 11am on Saturday morning. New groups pledging to support us every day. Disabled People against the Cuts have contacted us today and stewards will invite disabled supporters to move to the front of the march should they wish.
Weather forecast looking good – we will have some brilliant acoustic music – Red Flags, ACivilianInvention, Jonathan Williams, Dandelion and the Rockets and loads of speakers – keeping very tightly to 3 mins each to warm everyone up.
Then we will march peacefully to City Hall and drown out and demoralise the EDL with our chants, our diversity, our positivity, our unity.
When we know that they have gone we will march joyously back to Chapelfield Gardens. See you all there.
Desperate measures
Just to head this one off at the pass: The EDL have put out a blog and a facebook post this evening saying that a group of four people giving out WAN leaflets threatened a war veteran in the city today.

I know, as secretary who has been leafleting, have spoken to them since and have EVERY confidence that this did not happen at all. Desperate last measures.
Had this happened – we can be sure there would be photos and video footage everywhere. We are not the kind of organisation that needs to tell people not to chant racist slogans or bring weapons to demos. What a desperate attempt to smear our reputation.
If the EDL can prove this happened, they need to go to the police and deal with it officially.
Stay strong, stay calm. There are many, many more of us than them.
Nick (Secretary WAN)
Personal Note from Barbara:  

A young artist called Lily and I have been leafleting together, and we have had absolutely no trouble at all from anyone. 

I would say 99% of those we spoke to were positive and supportive, and the ones who weren't were simply busy or preoccupied. 
And by the way, EDL, both of my parents and all of my uncles are/were WWII war veterans and my two grandfathers were WWI veterans.  The same is true for many of the We Are Norwich group.

It is highly insulting of the EDL to assume we who oppose the EDL are not respectful of veterans.  We remember those who served this country and fought against the forces of fascism in the past very well, probably much better than you do. 

I loathe the way you of the far right try to exploit sentiment towards the Armed Forces and seek to give love of our country a bad name.

You started by attempting to bully three women in a fast food shop on Prince of Wales Road.  You threaten and lie in the social media.  You scapegoat fellow citizens and blame them for everything wrong. 

How dare you pretend it is freedom of speech that brings you to Norwich to cause such trouble, nuisance, expense, and loss of business?  On the day before Remembrance Sunday too. 

Well, enough is enough. 

Tomorrow we see you off.  Peacefully, of course.  We outnumber you, we outsing you, we outpeace you and we see you off, you miserable bunch of bullying EDL bigots.   

They are starting to roll out the fencing for tomorrow!
Fencing being prepared for tomorrow

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