Saturday, 3 November 2012

The great EDL poppy hypocrisy

From Exposing The English Defence League:

Yesterday our heroes, the EDL posted this picture, using the armed forces and the image of poppies to advertise their demo in Norwich, Their demo in Norwich in favour of a homophobic minister who has been banned from having a stall on the towns market for handing out anti Islamic literature, 
Nothing to do with Remembrance or the Armed Forces.
Meanwhile they felt the need to defend themselves against rumours that their RO’s are selling poppy badges. They expressed their disgust that anyone could make money out of poppies.
But even their armed forces pages are pushing knock off poppies
It's hardly the first time is it? 
You know what EDL? You want to lecture everyone else, you want to preserve the dignity of the poppy? 
Stop using it to score cheap political points and to make money. Leave (the real poppy selling) for the people who really serve this country. 

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