Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Positive Final Meeting with the Police

From We Are Norwich:

Just back from a very interesting final meeting and walk through of the route with the police and wanted to get information out to people as soon as possible.

Firstly, the police are taking Saturday VERY seriously and will publish information in the EDP tomorrow, but were happy for me to start getting this information out (Wednesday evening).

We will assemble in Chapelfield at 11am for acoustic music and speeches as planned. Please arrive on time as we will be the first group to march.

The (We Are Norwich) march route:

We will march down Theatre Street, left at Debenhams and along Gentleman’s Walk.

There will be a heavy police cordon and horses just after Starbucks so we will move up Hay Hill (past Next) to the Forum. We will turn right and assemble on the left (as you face it) of City Hall.

Millions died fighting fascism in WW2. The idea that some fascists are going to march near our very own memorial in the fine city of Norwich galls me, particularly the day before remembrance day. Have put this pic on here in case anyone else wants to use it on Facebook (as I've just done) running a similar message.
Norwich War Memorial, protected
The Sterile Area: The key new info is that City Hall and the War Memorial will be a STERILE AREA – fenced off from both sides.

The EDL will march from Castle Gardens to the other side of the sterile area (top of Gaol Hill). They will hold their demo. The EDL will NOT be allowed to get in front of City Hall or near the War Memorial/ Gardens. The EDL will arrive after us and leave before us.

There will be extra police on duty in the city from 9am until the end of the evening.

It is a major victory that the EDL cannot gather in front of city hall or get to the War Memorial or Gardens. We should already be really proud of building such a large, broad coalition and this is very good news.

Now, it’s simple – the key thing now is to have numbers out and get people on the streets to counter demonstrate peacefully and make sure the day goes as planned. We want the press afterwards to report that we had hundreds/ thousands more than them.

We will be safe, we will be determined, we will be peaceful and there will be many, many more of us than them. Unite and Fight. See you on Saturday, 11am sharp in Chapelfield Gardens.

Nick (We are Norwich – Secretary)

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