Wednesday, 7 November 2012

So why are the EDL coming to Norwich again?

According to the EDL's main site, some EDL members have been breaking ranks to ask why the EDL is going to march in Norwich this Saturday, 10 November.

A very good question that many citizens of Norwich are asking too.

One answer has already been given on the EDL East Anglian Facebook page
Norwich next saturday quality not quantity you know it makes sense to come along and see the bootifull county of Norfolk
Which prompted We Are Norwich organiser Nick O'Brien to observe: 
Clearly we have a lot to learn in building a big demo...that's genius...
It will be interesting to see the "quality" of marchers the EDL produces in Norwich on Saturday.  Or of course it is always possible that the "quality not quantity" phrase is simply a case of the EDL getting its excuses for a low turnout ready early -

Anyway, back to the "bootifull" answer on the EDL East Anglian Facebook page. Underneath this reasoning for coming to Norwich one EDL member calling himself Jack Laddy plaintively asks another good question:  
Are there many terrorist/islamist activity in Norwich?
And here is the reply given as written by someone called EDL (English Defence League):  
 . . hey if you want some answer here ya go norwich is east anglia in east anglia theres the biggest super mosque being built in cambridge also the doctors of addenbrookes hospital was the bombers of glasgow airport yes doctors in peterboro the only place in britain where serving soldiers are banned from wearing their uniform for fear of reprisals from the muslim community norfolk has the biggest hallal factory in europe i cant go on or i would be typing all night but the answer to your question is because you cant see it or hear about it is dont think its not there nsfe
So there you have it, several reasons why the EDL are coming to Norwich that apparently make perfect sense to the members of the EDL.  And there's more.

On the EDL's main site, an EDL member who uses the name "Pyrus" replies peevishly to the question of why the EDL is going to Norwich in this way: 
We are going to Norwich! We’ve already explained some of the reasons, but further questions have been raised that deserve some answers.
And "Pyrus" goes on to explain that the main reasons for going to Norwich is to preserve the right to free speech (this "reason" is refuted by We Are Norwch here) - and to defend the rights of the Christian community:
For instance, Islam shows very little tolerance of homosexuality. Whilst it is no doubt true that many world religions have some level of ‘hostility’ towards homosexuals, Christians, whether they consider homosexuality a sin or not, believe that one should hate the sin but love the sinner. This, we understand, is the approach of Reverend Clifford.
So here "Pyrus" has the difficult task of explaining why the Rev Clifford's Christian objections to homosexuality are different and better from the Islamic objections to homosexuality.  I think it is fair to say that he fails in this task.  

Finally "Pyrus" concludes his argument with a comment so cryptic it is incomprehensible, and here follows an exact quote: 
Extremism is not fault with appeasement and apology, but with criticism. And that is why we are going to Norwich.

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