Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Strict rules and regulations for the EDL

From the East Anglian EDL Admin Team:

Posted: November 6, 2012

All coaches and mini-busses are to drop off at Norwich train station NR1 1EF there is a coach park around the corner, where you will be met by stewards who will then direct you to the muster pubs, you must be at the muster point by 12.45 DO NOT BE LATE!

Anybody intending to travel by car please be aware that parking may be difficult and we recommend you try to find alternative transport. If possible it is recommended that you drive to a nearby train station and finish your journey by train. Failing that try and see if you can travel in with the coaches.

Everyone must be at the muster point of Castle Gardens Norwich NR1 4EY. by 12:45 at the very latest the march will start at 1:00.

If you are not already aware ‘We are Norwich’ are planning their counter demonstration and trying to show that the EDL as a group are not wanted there by them or the city council. Please ignore them and let’s get our message across peacefully and show the city that we are not ‘racist thugs’, we can come to ANY city to get our message across and leave with as little disruption as possible.

please stick to the following:

No racially motivated banners/flags/placards or chants (all banners etc can be inspected by police).

No weapons, smoke canisters, fireworks or marbles!

No alcohol is to be carried on your person as the town has a drink exclusion zone. Don’t give the police the chance to arrest you or fine you for a petty minor offence.

No face coverings.

As you know it’s Remembrance Day on Sunday, we will be by the war memorial so please respect the legacy of our fallen heros.


Train station

Car parking,+Norfolk,+UK&park=

Demo muster point
Castle Gardens Norwich NR1 4EY

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