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EDL to demo in Norwich to support a homophobic reverend

From EDL News:

Earlier this year the English Defence League's East Anglia division decided they wanted a demo in Norwich to protest against the City's several hundred Muslims.

After pressuring the leadership, they finally relented and an excuse to have a demo was sought. The best they could come up with was to support a reverend of a fringe church who had been banned from distributing anti Muslim hate literature in the market place.

Such was the interest by leadership, their original date was scuppered to make way for the return to Walthamstow which never happened in the end.

The reverend has been ostracised by all the other clergy in the city for his extremists views which closely reflect those of the Westboro Baptist Church in the United States, which in turn closely reflect those of Muslim extremists who they are supposed to be against. To put simply, he is a tea party type loon.

However not many EDLers know why they are going and what the demo is all about. We spoke to several and they think that are going to shout abuse at Muslims, which considering few live in the city, they are going to be sorely disappointed.

The Reverend Alan Clifford, leader of the The Norwich Reformed Church, is not just against Muslims, he also has it in for gay people as well which makes us wonder what the EDL's LGBT Division think about all of this and how many are attending. We also wonder how many of the LGBT Division who are attending, know they are going to support someone who thinks they are an abomination.

Here are the Reverend Clifford's views on gays:
Loving sexual relationships are to be confined to heterosexual marriage. Fidelity within marriage is the ultimate antidote to AIDS and other STDs."

Like adulterers and murderers, homosexuals must repent of their particular sin if they wish to be part of Christ's Church and be saved. As there is no limit to the transforming power of God's grace and Holy Spirit, so those with homosexual tendencies may be delivered from them.
Leaders of all the main Christian denominations in Norwich have spoken out against a march by the English Defence League in Norwich.  Church leaders from the Church of England, Roman Catholic, Methodist and Baptist churches, Salvation Army, United Reformed Church and the Quakers have united to issue a joint statement against the march.

We have asked demo organiser, Anthony Bamford why they are supporting a homophobic reverend but each time he has dodged our questions. Bamford has previously been outed on YouTube when him and a gang of thugs videoed themselves intimidating two young female takeaway workers because the establishment that they worked at sold halal food.

The details of the demo have just been released and yet again the organisers have had to tell their members not to get drunk or sing racist songs.  The English Defence League remain the only organisation we have encountered where their members have to be told not to be drunk and racist before each demo, even though the instructions are widely ignored by the average member.  Advice to EDL members includes:
Please ignore any provocation and let’s get our message across peacefully. We need to show the city that we are not ‘racist thugs’ (or whatever else). We can go to ANY city to get our message across and leave with as little disruption as possible.

The only other rules to remember are:

No ‘racially-motivated’ banners/flags/placards or chants (all banners etc can be inspected by police)

No weapons, smoke canisters, fireworks or marbles! (seriously, who brings marbles?  and who advises against weapons, fireworks and smoke cannisters?)

No alcohol to be carried during the march as the city of Norwich has a drink exclusion zone

No face coverings
Strangely they forgot to advise that if any of their members are LGBT, they should probably not turn up for this one.

There seems to be very little interest in this demo amongst their Facebook pages, much like there was very little interest in the return to Walthamstow which saw around 80 drunks stood outside the Houses of Parliament looking cold and dejected.

With Christmas coming and the fact that the English Defence League have already fleeced all they can out of them this year, Norwich is out of the way for many of them who will simply decide that travelling that distance to support a bigoted revered who many have never heard of, is simply not worth their time.

The other reason few are likely to turn up is the fact that the next day is Remembrance Sunday and many already have plans to attend that event in London. Last year they were mass arrested as they fought each other in a pub near the cenotaph and racially abused the staff.

With demo numbers already looking bleak, things have taken a turn for the worse as it has been discovered one of Walsall Division's members has done a bunk with the £200 deposit for their coach leaving them either stranded or having to fork out £78 for a train.

If the EDL organisers really do not want racists to turn up, they have a job on their hands because neo nazi and white supremacist leader of the Millwall Divisio, Trudie Toker, has vowed to turn up. She is a violent alcoholic who turned up at a school in Croydon and threatened some black children and their teachers.   (Her Facebook racist filth is too vile to be reproduced on this blog).

She also has an intense dislike for Jews and gays so it will be interesting to see how this one pans out

We have a poke around their groups and found this discussion between the organisers where they share their concerns that the EDL will be turning up and singing racist songs.
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