Saturday, 3 August 2013

Counting the Cost II

Several EDL members were arrested in Birmingham and several more were injured.   

At a publicised cost of £1 million the Police kept EDL members well separated from opposing demonstrators, and yet still some EDL members were injured by bricks and bottles thrown at them with some force.  

If anyone is in any doubt about how such mob behaviour leads to real damage and harm, then watch the clip above as the EDL attack the Police with bricks and beer cans and bottles. They even try to overturn a Portaloo in their yobbish mob frenzy.  

One member of the East Anglian EDL gave an eye witness account.  This young man reported on his profile that he was hit on the head by a brick that was thrown by a fellow EDL member.  

East Anglian EDL victim staunches blood from a wound inflicted by a fellow EDL member.

There is no reason to disbelieve this version of events.  It comes from East Anglian EDL member Sam Burgess. 

Sam Burgess has appeared on these pages before, always under the influence of much older EDL thugs.  He is a sad example of how vulnerable youngsters are singled out, groomed and preyed upon by cynical EDL officers.   No East Anglian organiser was injured in EDL demonstrations, only the gullible young who are sucked into the movement. 

It seems a nasty injury, and it was a horrible way to spend a hot Saturday in a distant city after hours on a coach.  Is this all that this poor East Anglian victim has to do at the weekend?  
Burgess was coached from Norwich to Birmingham with fellow East Anglian EDL members - here he is on the right outside Norwich Railway Station just before 7 am. 
EDL members wait for the coach to take them to Birmingham

The day started so well and in such EDL high jinks, with bottom-baring and an unprovoked attack on three observers who took these photographs.

The EDL displaying before boarding the coach to Birmingham
Burgess is on the right, in grey shorts

Sadly for the East Anglian EDL, everything went downhill and pear-shaped from that moment on.  

And yet, apparently unable to learn from experience, the East Anglian EDL plans to take their mooning show on the road again next *month - to Tower Hamlets.

What is the point of these costly EDL demonstrations?  Even the EDL leader agrees that "Demonstrations are doing nothing"

This is not the first time that EDL members have caused serious harm to other EDL members - see EDL stone selves.

In fact the demonstrations are making the EDL look like violent idiots; self-indulgent self-promoters who are charging the ordinary taxpayer exorbitant fees to watch them acting out. 

In the meantime Sam Burgess asks on Facebook:
anyone got a cheap laptop for sale? preferably newish! Don't want a brick lol

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