Friday, 16 August 2013

More East Anglian EDL stupidity

From @exposetweets - 
Exposing the EDL nasties:
East Anglian #EDL spell out how their problem is with all Muslims, includes calls for genocide.

HnhNorfolk responds:

All the Muslims I know and lived and worked with for over nine years in the Middle East and the Gulf interpreted their faith in their own ways, just as every religious person I have ever met interprets their own so-called holy texts in their own ways.

It is true that a minority will choose extreme interpretations of ambiguous words in the Koran just as a minority choose extreme interpretations of the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. 

Look no further than the notorious Westboro Church of the USA for example, which has already declared that God hates the UK.

Secularists are well aware of the potential for extreme interpretations of religious words, and that is why secularists have a commitment to keep religious beliefs out of the public arena.

The separation of state and religion ensures that people of all faiths and of no faith are all protected and treated equally under the laws of the land.

This post on the EDL East Anglian board is another example of how members of the EDL fail to grasp the extent of their own extremism.  

The EDL East Anglian approach is ignorant.  It seeks to foment hatred and division amongst our communities.  It is unable to envision any method of conflict resolution other than confrontation.  There is no big picture in EDL world.

This stupid post from the East Anglian division of the EDL is yet another reason to deplore the EDL.

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