Thursday, 22 August 2013

East Anglian EDL - Legends in their own Minds I


The Fantasy:

A powerful image of heroic strength and dignity accompanied the 2010 list of EDL leaders.  A list that included Anthony Bamford, at that time East Anglian EDL Regional Organiser.

The Reality:

Anthony Bamford and four other cowardly thugs threatened young women at a fast-food outlet on Prince-of-Wales Road, Norwich:  
"We'll come back every Saturday.  There will be a lot more of us."



The Fantasy:

EDL Norwich division's Nat Snelling is a would-be spy.  She recorded mothers walking their children to school at her local Norwich primary school, and published the pictures on her EDL site.  She identified them as potential Muslim terrorists - because they were wearing hijab.

The Reality:

EDL News identified the school involved and passed this screen grab and photographs to the headmaster. EDL News disguised the identity of the woman that Snelling took the photos of but gave unedited photos to the school. The school said the matter is now in the hands of the police.

The Reality - a drunken Nat Snelling arrested at an EDL demonstration

More "Legends in their own Minds" to come . . .

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