Sunday, 25 August 2013

East Anglian EDL - Legends in their own Minds II

The Fantasy:

"Helped by the YOUNG LIONS the OLD LION defies his foes".  

That heroic lion appears again in an EDL recruitment poster, adapted from an old Empire recruitment poster, together with two very small cubs that, in reality, a lioness would keep away from the male and well out of any danger.

Comically the EDL photoshopper deleted a few words to make the poster seem to be recruiting for the EDL rather than overseas work, and of course in real life the EDL are adamantly against a migrating workforce.  

So there on the EDL version of this poster the Old Lion is showing the way to the youngsters.

The Reality

At the EDL demonstration in Birmingham last month, a little boy (face obscured) cowers in fear beside the criminally idiotic "OLD LION".  Good job, Dad.

The Fantasy:

"Strong and true".  These are noble sentiments expressing steadfast, honest commitment to a cause.  This is the motto that appears on East Anglian EDL member Julia Howman's site (now gone).

The Reality:

"I will ALWAYS be true to myself, to promoting the legacy of my ancestors who died for me and mine so we could live freely, never ever to anyone else . . ." contradicts Julia Howman.

Howman declares that being "true" means being true only to herself and "never ever" to anyone else.  

This is the opposite of the traditional interpretation of the phrase "being true" which usually means a solemn dedication to defend an ideal or to commit to a person - not a solemn dedication to yourself.

Julia Howman's passionate commitment to herself has led her into a grasshopper far-right political career of expediency and opportunism. She stood for the English Democrats Party in 2004, then stood for the BNP in Sprowston in 2009 Norfolk County Council elections, and is now active with the EDL.

So much for being "true". 

Julia Howman, aka Julia Howe, Julia Angelcynn and AngelAethelflaeda, likened Norwich City Hall to the Kremlin in her speech for the EDL last November, and has quoted Nazi war criminal Joseph Mengele.

Another dangerous far-right East Anglian EDL fantasist
Giving East Anglia a voice?  Not my voice, AngelAethelflaeda.

More "Legends in their own minds" to come . . .

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