Monday, 26 August 2013

Former EDL supporter sees the light

From *Bedfordshire Police FB comments:

Vile unacceptable racist language
I was a supporter of the EDL, I always believed they were doing something good for this country and I agreed with some of the things they were standing for. But after going to a few of their protests/demonstrations I started to open my eyes. On the coaches EDL 'supporters' constantly used vile unacceptable racist language. P*ki this and p*ki that, openly talking about burning down/petrol-bombing their local Mosques and all sorts of other disgusting things!

Ashamed and embarrassed 
It was honestly sickening to hear and it just made me ashamed and embarrassed that I was a part of this bigoted extremist group!
And oh, it wasn't just one or two of them saying these horrendous things, it was every single EDL 'supporter' I came across.

RUINING and DAMAGING this beautiful country
I've seen them start pointless fights with innocent/harmless Muslims on the streets! For no reason whatsoever. They weren't defending England! Instead they were RUINING and DAMAGING this beautiful country. They were bringing shame onto this country, they were making me ashamed to be British.

Using being "against extremist" as an excuse to promote hatred
Listen, I'm totally against extremism, we all are. But the English Defence League are using being "against extremist" as an excuse to promote hatred. They're just going the wrong way about it. Seriously, take a minute and go on the EDL Facebook page and read all of their vile comments that they all post! It's absolutely sickening to read!

The British Armed Forces are against the EDL.
The British Armed Forces are 100% against the EDL. They don’t want anything to do with them. Serving soldiers and those who have served in the army have come out and told the EDL what they think of them. They've told the EDL that they don't represent them and they don't support the EDL's racism, hatred and & attempts to divide. They actually despise the EDL more than we do.

Pointless march
And with the pointless march that's happening in Luton (Stopsley) basically the reason for this is that their "leader" Tommy Robinson LIED (again) and as usual most of his gullible 'supporters' have sadly believed him... He claimed “Goals for Gaza” is a charity for funding terrorists when it’s 100% not. It’s actually a brilliant proud charity for those helpless, homeless and hungry people who are sadly suffering in Gaza. So basically, the EDL once again misleading and brainwashing gullible people with their lies and misinformation.

The racist EDL do not represent this country
I just think it’s heartwarming to see the majority of people in this town and all over the country stand up to these racist, violent, brainless, ignorant shameless animals. The racist EDL do not represent this country and they certainly don't the people in it.

*Link no longer operative.

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