Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Google now ranks "English Disco Lovers" above EDL

From SQ magazine:

It’s not a good week for online presence of the English Defence League. One week after their website was breached by the ZCompany Hacking Crew, the right-wing troupe find themselves falling below their satirical rivals, the English Disco Lovers, on Google.

That’s right, should you feel curious enough to search for ‘EDL’ in Google, the website of the anti-sharia law pressure group is now below that of the counter-protest collective the English Disco Lovers, who fight back against EDL marches through the medium of 70s inspired disco dancing and launched their own website earlier this year.

The English Disco Lovers, who also raise money for causes that support multiculturalism and racial equality, say that they launched the campaign to “reclaim the hated EDL acronym from The English Defence League and make it stand for something positive.”

The EDL focus on renewing a sense of national identity through the removal of Islamic culture from English soil. While the organisation, much like the ever-so-slightly milder BNP, claim to be of a non-racist nature, it doesn’t take much time to read between the lines.

Brilliant work from the English Disco lovers for non-violent, non-confrontational but effective protest - do your bit and click: 

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