Thursday, 26 September 2013

Another threat from Ipswich EDL

The Ipswich EDL destroyed plans for a Love Music Hate Racism gig envisioned by some aspirational teenagers in Ipswich. 

EDL members even took gloating group photographs beside signs announcing the cancelled event - 

One great outcome, however, has been that several more Ipswich youngsters have come together in order to plan another Love Music Hate Racism event.

This is partly to show the Ipswich EDL that local people will not be intimidated and bullied.

It is also designed to showcase local talent and to offer the community an evening of fun in a safe environment.  

The plan is still being formulated in private, for obvious reasons, but the event will be publicised when the time is ripe.

In the meantime the Ipswich EDL has got wind of these plans. The response was not long in coming, this time from someone called Keith Ginge Jason Bowers, apparently an organiser of Ipswich EDL.  

The message itself is almost incoherent, but if this is indeed a real message, there is some underlying menace:

From Exposetweets @exposetweets:


Yes, the local EDL did invite a local Muslim leader to march with them.  But Manwar Ali says he was "naive".  Maybe "used" would be a better word.  

He reached this conclusion not because of threats from the UAF, SWP, or any Dark Forces, but rather through his own observation that there is difference between what the EDL says and does officially and what the EDL says and does unofficially.

Point of information from EADT24:

Ipswich: Islamic leader would not walk with EDL again

The leading Ipswich community leader who joined members of the EDL in a procession to the town’s Cenotaph earlier this month said his move was “politically naive.”

Earlier this month Manwar Ali, the chief executive of Islamic charity Jimas, and other Muslims joined a small group of far-right protesters who walked from the town centre to the Cenotaph in Christchurch Park to lay wreaths in memory of Drummer Lee Rigby who died in Woolwich.

The news of the walk travelled around the country, but did attract criticism from some Islamic and anti-fascist organisations.

Now Mr Ali has said he would not take part in a walk with the EDL again – but still felt it was right to try to open a dialogue with them.

He said: 
When you look at what the leaders of the organisation say, and what the local people who came along feel, they are different. 
In hindsight I would not do this again – but I do think it was right to show respect to Lee Rigby and his family.

Mr Ali has correctly identified the difference between what the EDL say and what they do.

For example, the Ipswich EDL calls itself "non-violent" and then Keith Ginge Jason Bowers sends a threatening message such as the one above.

The Ipswich EDL calls itself "non-racist", but it closed down an anti-racist gig and threatens to close down the next anti-racist gig.

The confused members of Ipswich EDL obviously have major issues to resolve.  


  1. I agree with the local Muslim leader in that he was politically naive to walk with the EDL in Ipswich....In a similar way to that of anyone anywhere, organising events to make money for the UAF/SWP in the shape of Love music hate racism.....Same thing differing naivety..

  2. These small events barely break even. They are created to showcase emerging bands and DJs, to liven up the evenings, to interest the community, and FOR FUN. It is not about profit, which may be a strange notion to you.
    And if any donations are received they go towards other Love Music Hate Racism events. So that other dedicated evenings might be arranged. You know, FOR FUN.

  3. Exactly what is the motive for these events? Why ANY political 'angle' to them? If they're a 'pop' at the EDL, or raising money for the odious UAF/SWP, then come out and say so and be prepared for any backlash!

    Don't pretend they're not political, then try to make political mileage out of them, that's dishonest, but then most leftist politics ARE fundamentally dishonest....

    Seems to me you want your cake and eat it. You want to pretend it's vibrant young things with noble causes organising these events, when in reality behind the scenes are militant forces intent on confrontation. You cry and hit below the belt when it doesn't go your way, with slurrs, name calling and trying to take a righteous position.

    What's needed is mutual respect for everyone's viewpoint, and open debate. Not lies and propaganda, left right or centre.

    True to any dark forces of the left, I expect this comment will be erased within minutes. C'est la vie.

  4. Comment visible after approval....LOL.

    1. Exactly, they have to filter comments to make themselves sound correct, where as we don't because we believe in freedom of speech.

  5. Keep your hair on, I have just this minute checked for comments, I do have other things that need to be done, and I have just returned from the City. This is a hobby, not my life. And actually I have no real political axe to grind.
    Sorry there is not the instantaneous replies you expect.
    Comments are under moderation because that is the format of this blog, and actually I reserve the right not to publish at my own whim. Usually I do publish, because I value dialogue. When I think it might lead somewhere good.
    I don't know why you are harping on and on about the UAF when in reality it was a group of youngsters, led by a sixteen year-old girl, who planned an innocent Love Music Hate Racism event. Fact.
    You did a mean, spiteful and bullyboy thing in closing it down, and you're probably right, it was nothing to do with politics.
    More to do with seeing a bright youngster with an aspirational idea bringing fun to a corner of Ipswich and you simply wanting to trample all over it. Why?
    My theory is because you don't understand initiative, hard work and ambition. And when you don't understand something, you want to destroy it.
    Isn't that what happened? Why else that disgusting series of gloating photographs, posed outside the cancelled venue, as if you really had done something big and important?
    And now you are just beginning to see that what you did was a disgrace.
    A disgrace and a PR disaster for Ipswich EDL and EDL East Anglia.
    Is there anyway to retrieve the situation do you think? It's really up to you.

  6. so yet again the IPSWICH EDL are the 1s in the wrong lmao look a bit closer this event was aimed at the edl not about racism but 2 raise money 4 the scummy UAF

  7. You guys are so scared of the UAF!! But not so scared of a sixteen year-old girl are you?
    Real men protect young talent in their midst, they do not threaten and frighten teenagers. Cowards do that.
    You owe Lauren and her idealistic young friends a grovelling apology for your disgraceful behaviour.
    It is nothing to do with anyone else but Ipswich EDL and a group of aspirational youngsters.
    Man up and take responsibility for once. Surprise everyone by doing the right thing.

  8. Go fuck yourself you Marxist cunt! You've only set this up because you have an axe to grind, any moron can do that.

    You're not interested in debate, I can already tell you're NOBODY, someone who doesn't get dressed, or open the curtains from one day to the next, and living on DLA.

    We are on the right side. Islam is a wicked and evil cult. I for one am willing to die opposing it. Woe betide anyone in the way, because the whole world is awakening to the evils of Islam, and you Marxist cunts are on the wrong side. See you on the fucking battlefield!

    1. Mr Anonymous, you are showing us a bunch of assumptions including the terribly misguided assertion that "Islam is a wicked and evil cult". It is not and a few islamists twisting the Qur'an to suit their aim do not make it that, either. If they didn't use religion as an excuse, they would find something else.

      As to the rest of your rant - pathetic and absolutely uncalled for!

  9. You know this really isn't my field, and I think that you're all barking mad...You all spend years on-line searching for the slightest evidence that your opponents are imbeciles and then post your evidence gleefully, in some sort of pyrrhic victory march, where-by you strut around like peacocks claiming to have the upper hand..

    The far right do this too....Honestly....The lot of you....Get a life..

  10. I take all advice under consideration. Thanks for your concern.

  11. Finally...Today I read that the white widow Samantha Lewthwaite and her 7/7 bomber husband Jermaine Lindsay initially met for the first time at a Stop The War march in London in 2002.. Now who is it that runs the "Stop the war" campaign?.....Ah yes, that would be the Socialist workers party, you know, the same SWP that encouraged the man that would become one of the woolwich butchers, Michael Adebolajoto make speeches like this one at an SWP rally...
    The SWP, and their official photographer Guy Smallman who take and proudly producephotographs such as this from deep in the heart of the UAF throng in Walthamstow, where-by the man holding the "Islam will dominate" placard is non other than Abu Nusaybah a close friend of Adebolajo, who was himself summararilly arrested on terrorist charges after giving the BBC an interview about his soldier killing "friend"...

    There is no excuse for any of this....And sometimes when you get too close to a problem, you end up defending the indefensible because your instincts demand it...

    The BNP, the EDL and the entire SWP "franchise" are one in the same...Utter pond scum....Period.

  12. From this Communist blog Have a read of the section heading @"The English Defence League and the Islamic Forum of Europe".

    You're doing precisely the same thing...You're defending the indefensible by claiming that your only premise is to oppose the "Fascists" by any means necessary...
    So we learn that the founder of the SWP Tony Cliff, described the Muslim Brotherhood as "Clerical Fascists", and yet the SWP/UAF of today screech "Islamophobe" toward anyone that dare speak out against them, (or that of Islamist groupings far worse) and without ever condemning their views on homophobia, rape or anti Semitism...
    This is unreal...You honestly believe that the SWP franchise base themselves on an "anti Fascist" organisational criteria?....

    I've just reappraised my viewpoint...The SWP et al are far worse than the EDL/BNP.

  13. Stop the War was another *broad coalition* of many people and many organisations opposed to invading Iraq, and weren't they right?! We were lied to. I am not normally a fan of the SWP but if it is true they organised the Stop the War march then good for them.
    You cannot blame the SWP for who meets who on their marches!!!
    You linked to one Smallman photo, but he made many more . i like this one
    What concerns me in the Ipswich case is that local louts can trample all over a school-girl's idealism, take gloating photos about it, and still not admit that they did anything wrong.
    They can wriggle about as much as they like, name-calling like fishwives, but in reality this is a public relations disaster for the EDL, and the more they dig, the deeper the hole.

    1. I would like to offer the two sides an opportunity for a dialogue here before this all gets way out of control. Now surprisingly the one side which seems keen to talk this over is the Ipswich EDL. I'm happy to facilitate this.
      It's awful that a gig organised by a 16 year old girl ended up cancelled. It's also awful that so many from outside are now sticking in their oar unnecessarily and causing more problems than solving them.
      I don't think Keith "Ginge" Bowers was threatening anyone, but he is frustrated. In my view understandably so. The gig was LMHR, but the gig poster clearly states it was organised by Ipswich UAF. Not mentioning that while saying the EDL's views are too extreme to be partaking in their local Muslim community's activity comes across as disingenious.
      Meanwhile we now have had a Mr Anonymous making threats in an appalling comment towards the very community which was part of a silent procession with Ipswich/Lowestoft EDL in honour of Lee Rigby.
      Both sides do need to bring this a notch down and communicate before innocent community members of Ipswich get hurt!
      You lot know how to contact me on FB if this does not allow you to email me directly.

  14. First up your link doesn't work, it just shows a small dot on the screen, and secondly you're attempting to paper over the cracks of Smallman's adherence to out and out Islamists...

    If someone in an Adolf Hitler mask was pictured in the centre of an EDL march what would your reaction be then?....

    Rhetorical question, I already know...

    "Stopping the war" and similar opportunities, under a large umbrella style movement, seem to be the favoured way that the Socialist Workers Party operate, hence it's less likely to have the public glare turn toward them and their disgusting beliefs system.

    I always wondered why it was that the SWP didn't field candidates in British elections, and this afternoon I've found out, it's because they don't believe in democracy at all, hence they support people such as Galloway and Respect when attempting to influence voters.

    Jesus, you people are dangerous, and I've looked into this thanks to your blog...

  15. Oh dear Group think doesn't always work as your not entitled to an opinion of your own, but I commend you for not succumbing to militant leftist bullying..

  16. All comments received on this subject have been published, but are now closed.
    There will be some follow-up in the next few days.

  17. Do you see what happens when one user comes to comment?...Several others follow suit....Isn't that the point of a thriving website, looking for discussion on relevant issues close to their hearts?

    As we know most UAF websites et-al, don't even have a comments section, and simply publish their one sided viewpoints of the world in the form of rigid diktats..

    I'm not your enemy here, I've just got a real problem with anything connected to the Socialist Workers Party.

  18. This site is not connected with the UAF or SWP.