Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Persona non grata

EDL leader told to leave new city casino

The leader of the English Defence League was asked to leave the city’s newly opened casino after he was identified as a national troublemaker.

Tommy Robinson’s undignified exit from the Casino MK at Xscape had nothing to do with his far right politics though.

The only reason sharp-eyed staff recognised him was that his face appears on the industry’s national ‘ barred’ register of people involved in “serious incidents” in casinos.

A Casino MK spokesman said: 
An incident with Mr Robinson had occurred a number of years ago in a casino run by a different operator. We do not allow customers who are ‘nationally barred’ to play in our casino.
The incident, which was promptly tweeted by Mr Robinson, came just hours after he hit national headlines by complaining that he was refused service at the Selfridges store in London.

Selfridges has disciplined the member of staff who refused to serve Mr Robinson and apologised with a free gourmet meal in their champagne bar.

Casino MK has no such plans for appeasement and Mr Robinson has now removed his Twitter comment.

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