Friday, 20 September 2013

EDL finances lack transparency

Is Tommy Robinson gambling his supporters donations?

From EDL News by Gary Hasting:

For all the squealing about being broke and not having any money, leader of the English Defence, Tommy Robinson, has certainly lived the playboy lifestyle this week.

In the same day, Robinson was thrown out of posh department store, Selfridges, he was later in the day, thrown out of a casino.

This afternoon it was revealed that Robinson and his mate started the argument in the department store, by being rude to a Muslim employee and then whipping out the video camera, immediately uploading it up to YouTube when he was refused service, leading to Trousergate and free food from the department store.

The whole thing is now appearing to be a set up for a tacky publicity stunt, leading to the employee in question getting threats of violence from EDL supporters.

Above: Threats on the EDL Facebook wall to break employees jaw.

It has emerged this afternoon that Robinson had won £2000 before the casino realised that his name was on a national register for troublemakers realting to an undisclosed incident some years earlier. He was allowed to keep the £2000 but yesterday inferred on Twitter that he went there because it is free entry.

MK Casino told the Evening Standard that 
Tommy Robinson visited the Casino MK on Monday. He ended up winning over £1500 which requires players to show proof of ID. He didn't have that on him, so he came back the following day with the ID."
That's when he came up on a national register of barred players. We keep a register of people who are not allowed to come into casinos for whatever reason.
According to the Evening Standard, the figure was more like £2000 and he was allowed to eventually keep it.

This afternoon we revealed that their web media team had managed to publish all their donor names online after a change to their website donations system two weeks ago.

There are already over 250 donors listed on there in the space of a couple of weeks which would amount to a tidy sum.

It has long been suspected that the English Defence League is a money making scheme to allow the leadership to live the high life, and their guiliable supporters are funding it.

For a man who is broke and begging for money on a daily basis, he is increasingly coming across as a middle class conman.

With a wife and three kids to support on what he claims is his allowance of £200 a week he sure makes his money stretch.

We ask the question all EDL members should be asking him, where is the transparency Tommy?

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