Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Legends in their own minds III

The Fantasy:

Ivan Humble, East Anglian EDL organiser from the Lowestoft area and regular face at EDL demonstrations "jokingly" suggested nuclear weapons be deployed against Argentina to settle the Falklands issue:

Like each and every member of the EDL gang, Ivan Humble likes to fantasise that he is a real "Hard Man".

The Reality:

Ivan Humble, seventh from left, one of twelve East Anglian EDL bully boys proud to be photographed after threatening a sixteen year-old girl in Ipswich to cancel her "Love Music, Hate Racism" gig.

And Ivan Humble snapped at the very moment he tried to snatch a camera from my hands on 20th July this year.

So who exactly are you defending England from, Ivan?  

Teenage girls and old bloggers?

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