Monday, 23 September 2013

Why "Love Music, Hate Racism" in Ipswich?

Enthusiastic Ipswich youngsters explained why they wanted to bring some musical fun to Ipswich in this interview, recorded before the gig was cancelled (click on PLAY below). The event was called off after threats from the Ipswich EDL. 

In particular the idealistic youngsters wanted to make the point that racism was not welcome in Ipswich.  

How strange then that the self-described "non-racist" Ipswich EDL closed them down!  

The fans of "Love Music Hate Racism" are pictured below. (The photograph is already circulating on the East Anglian EDL boards). 

They look pleasant enough, very youthful, like a fresh teenage boy band with a sixteen year-old girl.  Not many would find them threatening -

And yet for some reason they frightened the wits out of the Ipswich EDL.

In an article the East Anglian EDL aggressively asks "Who are the Ipswich UAF?".  It is difficult to understand what exactly the article means. 

The East Anglian EDL is so jumpy and paranoid it gets even the simplest of facts wrong.  For example, the article states:
I was really disappointed to hear that not one of the folk interviewed had the first idea of why the UAF march had taken place. 
The UAF marched because, on Saturday 1 June, The English Defence League walked to the war memorial to pay their respects to Drummer Lee Rigby, murdered in Ipswich,
How can you argue with anyone making such fundamental mistakes?  Leaving aside the fact that Lee Rigby was not murdered in Ipswich, this EDL clown pretends to know the secret motivations of others.  

Psychic?  Mad? 

The EDL thinks everyone who opposes the EDL must be far, far left or members of the Unite Against Fascism group, or both.

Well, I've got news for the EDL.  Not all who oppose their politics of hatred and division fit into this simple world view.

Some of us are apolitical, but recognise and deplore the dangerous extremism within the EDL.

Some of us remember our parents and grandparents fighting fascism in Europe and are determined to keep up the fight against wicked demonisation and hatred of "the other".

Some of us see yet another scam artist pitilessly exploiting the fears and anger of vulnerable people, feeding those fears and that anger whilst trousering the profits, and some of us want to send a warning against profiteering rabble-rousers.

And some of us, like those below, are young idealists who simply wanted to stand up against racism and have some innocent musical fun whilst doing so.   

From Audioboo:

Young people in Ipswich on why a Love Music-Hate Racism gig is needed....

Here is the interview  Play

Interview by JournoJon

And here are the cowardly spoil-sports of Ipswich EDL:


  1. This is the major problem with anything connected to the Socialist workers party...

    I mean...If celebrated anti Fascists such as Maryam Manazie are warning against SWP extremism, then how the hell do you expect ordinary folk on the street to get behind Unite against Fascism or Love Music Hate racism?

    You can't claim that the views on this blog are those of your own, and then attack one set of far right extremists, whilst promoting and excusing the deficiencies of others....That just doesn't wash...

    Anything connected to the SWP is akin to suicidal poison.

  2. I am not connected to the Socialist Workers Party, nor even the UAF, so I cannot speak for them. You do not have to be members of SWP or UAF to support Love Music, Hate Racism, which does exactly what it says on the tin only with bands, DJs, music and dancing and fun. The EDL says it is against racism too, so why it stopped what promised to be a loud evening of Love Music, Hate Racism is beyond rational explanation. When all rational explanations are gone, there is only one conclusion to be made. The EDL is made up of STUPID SPOILSPORTS.

  3. Not true. LMHR is an SWP front led by leading SWP lights and the funds raised go into SWP coffers.

    1. Love Music Hate Racism helps people have fun and enjoy themselves, and does not make much money at all. Why are you so afraid of young people having fun?