Thursday, 26 September 2013

More about Love Music Hate Racism

From YouTube:

Love Music, Hate Racism in the 1950s

The direct precursor to Rock Against Racism and today's Love Music Hate Racism campaign was the Stars Campaign for Inter-Racial Friendship, founded in 1959 to combat the activities of the White Defence League (sic) in London's Notting Hill. The chairman of the Stars Campaign for Inter-Racial Friendship was the musician Johnny Dankworth, and members included the gorgeous mixed-race actress and singer Cleo Laine, Tommy Steele, Lonnie Donegan and Humphrey Lyttelton, and the founder was the Anti-Fascist folk singer Karl Dallas.

Highlights of this clip include the iconic image of the black NHS nurse walking past the barricaded shop-front of the White Defence League - neatly illustrating why Britain did NOT need people like the WDL - and Cleo Laine discussing how Fascists would have to repatriate her to her birthplace in... Middlesex.

The White Defence League was founded by veteran British Nazi and posh twat Colin Jordan . . .

The WDL failed to achieve anything and merged with another Fascist group to form the first British National Party in 1960. Jordan was jailed for founding a paramilitary group with fellow Nazi uniform creep and Adolf Hitler impersonator John Tyndall, before Tyndall and Jordan had a tiff, and Tyndall hooked-up with the openly gay racist Martin Webster in the National Front. 

The NF split in 1980 and John Tyndall led a faction, originally called the New National Front, which Tyndall re-christened with the same name as the old BNP. Today Tyndall's BNP is run by Martin Webster's alleged former boyfriend Nick Griffin.

Colin Jordan was elected "World F├╝hrer" at a Nazi conference in 1962* but one of Jordan's few real achievements was being punched by the future Chancellor of the Exchequer Denis Healey during a Fascist attack on a Labour Party meeting in 1965. Jordan is most "famous" however for founding a wannabe Nazi street army called the British Movement, which fell into terminal pointlessness after Jordan was arrested for stealing women's underwear from a branch of Tesco.

Ipswich EDL "don't call us racist" spoilsports closed down a Love Music Hate Racism gig in Ipswich.  And yet they claim to be against racism themselves!  

The following Youtube clips are for the EDL "secret racists" to consider: 


  1. You don't seem to grasp the reality, in that many of these orginisations have now fallen into the wrong hand, and now portray little else than the present leaderships political views and intentions..
    I don't doubt that "Love music hate racism" was set up in a different era with commendable goals, but that's in the past, and the present socialist workers party leadership use LMHR to further their own objectives, in an shameful and underhanded way get their poisonous message across...
    It's all simply fixed....Move these (to a large extent) youth movements away from the SWPs vice like grip, and the problem will be eradicated.

    How can Martin Smith still head a "youth movement" given his latest fall from grace, where the only reason that he's not serving many years in prison is because of his fellow comrades on the SWP central committee swept his cries under their rug?...

    That's just utterly absurd, and it's giving the EDL and their ilk an open goal in the propaganda stakes in why they would wish to oppose LMHR appearing anywhere....

  2. Ipswich EDL prevented a sixteen year old girl and her young friends from putting on a Love Msuic Hate Racism gig, and these are the best excuses you can come up with? You over complicate what is really a very simple situation, and if this is an exercise in damage control, it is not working. Ipswich EDL are revealed as racist bullyboy spoilsports. Fact.

  3. No excuses. he SWP are in complete meltdown, largely because of the actions of the Love music hate racism figurehead..

    This is ongoing throughout the leftist Internet, everyone is sick to their back teeth of the SWP...

    Tonight...Harry's Place.

  4. I have nothing to do with the SWP - your nick suits you - and none of this seems to have any relevance to the fact that here in East Anglia a dozen grown men threatened a sixteen year-old girl because they did not like her dreams for a fun evening showcasing local musical talent.
    Bullyboy spoilsports are not OK.