Monday, 16 September 2013

Ipswich thugs crash anti-racist gig

From Ipswich Spy by Ben Redsell:

The Love Music, Hate Racism gig was supposed to have been held in the Steamboat Tavern.Thuggish threats from a violent extremist organisation caused the closure of a successful Ipswich pub, as well as the cancellation of a music event organised by a 16 year old girl.

The Love Music, Hate Racism charity gig was supposed to take part on Sunday afternoon in the Steamboat Tavern, and was organised in response to the EDL demonstrations in Ipswich during the summer.

The gig was supposed to be an afternoon of music to celebrate anti-racism, with more than a dozen bands and performers confirmed. At least 65 people were expected to attend, with organisers hoping for many more.

The organisers told BBC Radio Suffolk that it was important young people take a stand against the far right. Lauren explained she had been on the Multiculturalism March earlier in the year: 
We had a good turn out, from everyone, and unfortunately there were quite a few EDL supporters. It was dramatic, it was something I didn’t think could happen in such a small town like we’ve got in Ipswich. I was at the front of the march and I had the megaphone, and it was loud and we got into the centre of town and the EDL were shouting at us all and it really made me really angry.
So that was one of the reasons that we decided to do this gig. We could do marches but a gig is something a bit more personal, something that everyone can get involved with. 
She agreed that it attracts a different audience as well. 
I hate to say it but a lot of people who saw the march, younger people, not many got involved with that, but this is a great way for everyone in our generation to get involved and make a stand.
A dozen EDL supporters who successfully closed an Ipswich business
and prevented a music event organised by a 16 year old girl

However a small group of protestors from the English Defence League arrived at the pub and the threats of violence caused the event to be cancelled and the pub to be closed. 

The group of a dozen EDL members then posed outside the pub, before posting a photo of them and their football hooligan style flag on a facebook page for the “East Anglian Division” of the EDL, saying:
1-0 to the EastAnglian Edl the UAF gig at the Steam Boat Tavern was cancelled today, see how they like it! EastAnglianEDL NSE!
Ipswich Spy was unable to contact the Steamboat Tavern for comment yesterday, but local Borough Council Leader, David Ellesmere, told us that he was in contact with the Chief Constable, Douglas Paxton, as well as Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore. Some queried on Twitter how such a small number of people bent on disruption could cause law abiding citizens to be afraid to carry on their peaceful lives, when surely it was the role of the police to prevent threatening behaviour from interfering with those who were abiding the law.

Local people expressed their revulsion that this group of a dozen people could prevent law abiding citizens from enjoying music in a local Ipswich pub, with some taking to social media to express their shock and anger.

One local DJ wrote 
I am disgusted with what has happened tonight, the EDL have made violent threats against a gig that was supporting a charity that aimed to spread a message about raising the profile on racial equality. I cannot begin to put into words how angry I am and how ignorant and pathetic their actions are, I just know the damage has already been done as the gig is no longer taking place and the acts that were playing have been told to stay put for their own safety.
Ipswich Borough Councillor Glen Chisholm, who is also a trustee of the Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality and a member of the Police and Crime Panel, took to Twitter to express his sadness that the event had been cancelled:

Shame that Love music hate racism gig in ipswich has been cancelled because of EDL threats,unity is the way forward,we can't let hate win
Meanwhile a supporter of the gig wrote
The LOVE MUSIC HATE RACISM gig may have been cancelled today, but the support received for it is greater than any force of the EDL. They can only use violence to voice their ignorant, uneducated opinions but anti-racism will come back fighting harder and eventually, the scum of the EDL will have no power in our society. A day of celebrating good culture may now be ruined, but it has only made us more determined to stop these pathetic cretins having a say in our community.
The gig organisers announced on twitter that the cancellation had made the fight for anti-racism stronger.

Ipswich Spy says

We can’t allow any group to spread intolerance among our local communities. Serious questions will have to be answered by the police as to why they stood by and allowed this event to be intimidated. The EDL will have to look to themselves as to why they intimidated a strong local business into closing its doors. We hope that Lauren isn’t put off by this intimidation and that the event will go ahead. Maybe the Borough Council can offer some support to ensure that extremism cannot win here in Ipswich. We’re proud of our tolerant attitudes. Lauren deserves all credit for trying to organise this event.


So once again the EDL prove to be hate-filled racist thugs who want to impose their twisted political views upon the community by force.

Just look at them as they unfurl their flag in revelry at their success in bullying a sixteen year-old girl into closing down a fun evening!  Let's hope the Police take notice of each and every gurning bully-boy mug.

Just who is the East Anglian English Defence League defending if not sixteen year-old girls like Lauren, full of enthusiasm, initiative, hard work and community spirit?

A magnificent own-goal by the out-of-control East Anglian EDL.

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  1. hey, we met you guys at tower hill i think last week overlooking the bridge before we moved off sharpsih from plod.
    re: the gig. there should have been a few older heads to prevent this nonsense. better luck next time.