Monday, 16 September 2013

Shamed EDL claim victory over girl of sixteen

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How sweet it is to crush the idealism of a school girl.  

According to the East Anglian EDL, Ipswich division.  

A teenager who hoped to have fun and raise funds by staging a "Love Music, Hate Racism" gig with her teenage friends and other volunteers could not go ahead due to threats from the Ipswich English Defence League.  The event was cancelled for fear of violence, as described by the IpswichSpy.

The EDL Ipswich goons saw idealism, hard work and initiative and they destroyed it because they did not understand it.

A fun musical evening was cancelled thanks to this hateful gang, and the youngsters who planned such a harmless and friendly community event have had a shocking set back. 

Celebratory photograph outside the cancelled gig taken from Mark Scragg's FB with Matthew BonnerLiam Thfc DicksonMark ScraggGinge Bowers, Micheal Smith, Shane Edlforlife Willmott and Sam Black.

But the teenagers will survive their disappointment, they will learn from it and they will go on to bigger and better things.

The same cannot be said for these sad losers of the Ipswich EDL, forever stamped as craven bullies who cannot even recognise what they are.

Ivan Humble of East Anglian EDL "organisation" (seventh from left, above), scrambled to distance himself from Ipswich EDL 

Ivan 'ncfc' Humble of course i will condemn any threats that are made, but there were no threats made when we were there and the pub was already closed when we arrived....

So that's alright then.


  1. Didn't think the EDL were racist....yeah right

  2. All jobless thugs with nothing better to do..get a life