Tuesday, 24 September 2013

"Non-violent" EDL

Sensible adults can disagree without threatening to kill one another.  

Don't like the full face veil?  Fine, neither do I, but there are ways to express that opinion without threatening death. Unless you follow the EDL.

This is how EDL followers get it wrong time after time.  If they disagree, they reach for the nearest weapon and hurt someone.  Luckily for the rest of us that is usually another EDL follower.  


EDL supporter calls for shooting at Muslims, on FB

An EDL supporter, angry about “the islamification of our country” calls for people on the English Defence League’s page to shoot at Muslims. For that he gets ‘Likes’ rather than having the comment deleted.

What’s ironic is that he doesn’t even live in the UK, having moved to Thailand permanently. Link to the comment (via @exposetweets)

Of course, EDL supporters are not violent at all.

(Sarcasm alert for all EDL readers).


  1. No doubt your words also apply to "Hope not Hate" "journalist" Timur Moon who assaulted a young female UKIP supporter the other night calling her a "Fascist", which seems to be the one size fits all "excuse" for such actions....

    So Nick Lowles surrounds himself with those that assault females and ex N.F. supporters, whilst Martin Smith simply favours rape.....

    You lot make me cringe with embarrassment for you, as you're every bit as bad as the people that you oppose...

  2. What do you mean by "You lot"? I'm an independent blogger; when I am not quoting others the opinions are my own. I do not approve of anyone assaulting anyone else.
    However as you are bringing up UKIP along with cringing embarrassment, when are we going to see an apology from Bloom for calling his own female staff "sluts" and then saying they liked it?

  3. As the blogging address here comes up as @"hnhnorfolk", it would be reasonable to assume that you're one of Nick Lowles buddies...

    Wouldn't it?

  4. You'll have to take that up with the committee that formed this blog back in the days when Searchlight invented HOPE not hate. Things have changed since then. Now the blog is called "Celebrating Norwich, Norfolk" and that is what I hope to do. Celebrate the fun, challenge the spoilsports.