Friday, 16 May 2014

Choose HOPE

From HOPE not hate:

One last push

Plans are now well under way to prepare for our last big push before the elections - Transport Tuesday. On this day we plan to distribute at least 250,000 Get Out the Vote leaflets at train, tube and bus stations across the country.

So far we have organised 139 events across the country, with more being added all the time.

One of the exciting things from this campaign has been all the new activists who have got involved. At the weekend we had groups out leafleting in Lincolnshire, Market Harborough, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Peterborough, Andover, Reading and Middlesbrough. Another 3,000 leaflets were given out in Keighley, meaning that 87,000 have been distributed across West Yorkshire.

Our Manchester team have delivered almost 60,000 newspapers across the city, with another 100,000 being delivered in the other Greater Manchester borough.

Whatever the results of these elections, the growing HOPE not hate network bodes well for the future.

But for now, our focus is on Transport Tuesday, with our aim being to organise at least 200 events. So if you want to help us and lead an event in your local area, then please do fill out the form here:

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