Sunday, 18 May 2014

Take your children to vote with you

Good advice for all from OBV by Simon Woolley:

22nd May Elections: Take your children to vote with you

As odious as they are the greatest threat to our democracy is not necessarily the Far Right, it's apathy. Apathy is a greater threat because it can herald in bigotry and racism by default. It's simple, when good people stay at home, the enemies of race equality and decency are allowed to politically flourish. A non vote, elevates a racist vote, because it's challenged less.

Of course that's one reason why we at OBV want you to vote next Thursday, but we’d like you to go further, much further. We are urging that you not just go out and vote, and to have a voice, but also to take your child/ children with you too. Take them to vote before they go to school or when you pick them up from school. Furthermore, make an habit of doing it.

My own son has being coming to the vote with me since he was three. At first I had to bribe him with the latest ‘Ben 10’ comic, but now it’s the norm. It’s what he and his father does.

By taking our children to vote we demonstrate the importance of the simple but powerful democratic franchise; our say in a democracy. And what better role model to children than their parents politically demanding a better future for them.

By taking our children to vote we not only help defeat the Nick Griffin’s of this world,- and on most ballot papers you will see his Party’s name ,the wretched ‘BNP’, - but we will also be teaching our children about democracy and what we care about.

Cast your vote this Thursday and educate your child/children at the same time.

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