Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Stand up to UKIP: Public Meeting TODAY

Wednesday 7th May, 7pm, the Curve, the Forum 

Hosted by We are Norwich. 

Speakers to include:

Richard Howitt (Labour MEP)
Mark Ereira-Guyer (Leader of Suffolk Greens)
Julie Bremner (Norwich Pride)
A national Stand up to UKIP speaker

We are deeply concerned by the rising level of support for UKIP, shown in recent elections and opinion polls. UKIP is a far-right populist party. It is similar to far-right populist parties across Europe — such as Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) in the Netherlands and the Tea Party movement in the US.

Like these parties, UKIP stirs up racism and reactionary views. It scapegoats immigrants, blaming them for the economic crisis, unemployment and lack of housing. UKIP has also targeted Muslims, LGBT people and other minority communities. It attacks our multicultural society. It encourages a racist and reactionary current of public opinion that threatens black and Asian people, Jewish people, Eastern Europeans, LGBT people and others. 

 Mark Ereira-Guyer says 
I have now met and spoken with many people from established and newly arrived migrant communities who are feeling bullied and cowed by the aggressive tone of UKIP’s ‘immigration’ rhetoric and their transparent 'dog-whistling' election materials – and this contributes to an atmosphere where really ugly racism can more easily flourish. We must ensure that this is robustly countered wherever possible, and I strongly commend the Stand Up to UKIP and We are Norwich campaign for starting to do this. It now needs the backing of the progressive, tolerant and decent-minded majority in this region and across the UK.
The party is riddled with racists, sexists, homophobes and bigots. Farage says his political hero is Enoch Powell. UKIP claims to be anti-establishment, but Farage is a private school educated, ex-Tory City broker. 

We believe people of goodwill must come together to stand up to UKIP and say no to its racism and reactionary ideas — regardless of our differing views on Europe or other political issues. If we do not, there is a danger that UKIP will grow in influence. This will give increasing legitimacy to its racist scapegoating, which in turn will have an impact on mainstream politics. Such a climate of racist and reactionary ideas also creates a fertile breeding ground for fascist organisations, such as the British National Party and the English Defence League. Julie Bremner says: 
When a UKIP counsellor blames gay people for the floods or say it's ok to dislike homosexuality, comparing it to not liking certain types of tea, I think you have to question whether they would be capable of running the country. UKIP also blames migrant workers for the economic crisis which is incorrect and unacceptable.
We call on all those who reject racism, scapegoating and xenophobic nationalism to join us in campaigning against UKIP. Let’s say no to racism and stand up for our multicultural society.

All our speakers will talk about UKIP and how we can best campaign against them. We are also planning local leafleting in the weeks leading up to the elections.

For more info, contact Nick O'Brien on 07717504210

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