Thursday, 1 May 2014

More on the UKIP leaflets

The Independent reports that Twitter was inundated with calls to flood Ukip 'Freepost' address with bricks and party flyers

According The Independent the address being used is not registered as 'Freepost' on the party's website but was used on a leaflet for a campaign in Norwich in 2010.

The Freepost service allows a person to send mail without affixing a stamp because the recipient chooses to pay the postage fee.

Here is a copy of the leaflet delivered in Norwich four years ago:


And here are some more plays on the UKIP fliers:

Thanks to those who sent me their UKIP-mocking photos.  
More please!



  2. Daisy, your bias is showing.
    Not everyone who opposes the inherent racism of the BNP, EDL and UKIP is from the far left! Opinions are fine, but let's formulate opinions based on fact and evidence.