Saturday, 17 May 2014

Farage's 'Nick Griffin moment'.

From EDL News by Gary Hasting:

UKIP's Director of Communications tries to stop disastrous Farage radio interview

UKIP Director of communications, Patrick O'Flynn, had to step in and halt a car crash interview when Nigel Farage as he was held to account on his party's racist and homophobic views on Radio LBC 97.3 James O'Brien show.

O'Brien pulled Farage up on his comments about not wanting Romanians living next door.

When O'Brien asked him what the difference was between Romanians and Germans living next door and Farage said "you know why" which left no doubt that the UKIP leader has some pretty unsavoury racist views himself.

The original interview was suppose to be an hour but O'Flynn stepped in to stop the proceeding after O'Brien brought up the issue of his expenses and Farage was already horribly out of his depth.

According to radio station staff, O'Flynn bundled Farage out of the studio before he could do any more damage to his party.

Many commentators have described the interview as Farage's 'Nick Griffin moment'.

Watch here here. Starts 2:10:

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