Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Transport Tuesday

Good morning! 

I'm off to distribute leaflets outside Norwich Railway Station urging our people to vote for politics of HOPE and not politics of fear and division. 

If you see me, do say "Hello"!

I am just one of over two thousand volunteers distributing leaflets in over 300 British railway stations and tube stations today. 

The target is to give out 250,000 leaflets as a final push to encourage the anti-racist vote ahead of the European and local elections. 

This is my own !NO! to any racism in Britain. We are better than that.


Leafleting went very well, most people are so friendly and supportive, even first thing in the morning, and the others were simply preoccupied or tired.

A team of volunteers from the UEA took over for the evening shift.

The fight against racism in our society is above ordinary politics. It is a rational and moral decision.  

I am relieved and happy to discover anew how much this position is supported in Norwich.

And it is the reason why parties and "movements" spouting racist ideology like the BNP, the EDL and now the Ukip, will never prosper for long.

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