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From YouGov's UK Polling Report

The East of England returns seven MEPs. In 2009 it elected three Conservative MEPs, two UKIP, one Liberal Democrat and one Labour. UKIP MEP David Campbell Bannerman subsequently rejoined the Conservative party and will stand on the Conservative list at the next election. Full results from 2009 are here


RICHARD HOWITT (Labour) Born 1961, Reading. Educated at Oxford University. Harlow councillor 1985-1995.Contested Billericay 1987. MEP for Essex South 1994-1999, MEP for East of England since 1999.


SANDY MARTIN (Labour) Ipswich councillor since 2002, Suffolk councillor since 1997.

BHAVNA JOSHI (Labour) Born in Huddersfield. Educated at Kings College London. Solicitor. Former Wandsworth councillor. Contested Central Suffolk and North Ipswich 2010.

5. Paul Bishop 
6. Jane Basham
7. Chris Ostrowski


VICKY FORD (Conservative) Born 1967, Omagh. Educated at Cambridge University. Contested Birmingham Northfield 2005. MEP for East of England since 2009.

GEOFFREY VAN ORDEN (Conservative) Born 1945, Waterlooville. Former brigadier in the Intelligence Corps. MEP for the East of England since 1999.

DAVID CAMPBELL BANNERMAN (Conservative) Born 1960, Bombay. Educated at Edinburgh University. Former communications director and special advisor to Sir Patrick Mayhew. Tunbridge Wells councillor 1992-1996 for the Conservatives. Contested Glasgow Rutherglen 1997, Warwick and Leamington Spa 2001 for the Conservatives, North Cornwall 2005, Highlands and Islands 2007 Scottish election, Suffolk South 2010 for UKIP. MEP for the East of England since 2009. Contested UKIP leadership election 2006, 2010. Deputy leader of UKIP 2006-2010. Rejoined the Conservative party in 2011.

JOHN FLACK (Conservative) Educated at Abbs Cross High School. Director of a property investment company. Contested Enfield Southgate 2001, Northumbria 1994, London region 1999, Eastern Region 2009 European elections.

5. Tom Hunt 
6. Margaret Simons
7. Jonathan Collett


ANDREW DUFF (Liberal Democrat) Born 1950, Birkenhead. Educated at Cambridge University. Cambridge councillor 1982-1990. MEP for East of England since 1999. Awarded the OBE for services to politics in 1997.

JOSPEHINE HAYES (Liberal Democrat) Educated at Oxford university. Barrister. Colchester councillor since 2012.

BELINDA BROOKS-GORDON (Liberal Democrat) Educated at Middlesex Polytechnic and Cambridge University. Psychologist. Cambridgeshire councillor.

STEPHEN ROBINSON (Liberal Democrat) Born 1966. Educated at Buckhurst Hill County High School and University of Central Lancashire. PR and fundraising consultant. Essex councillor, Chelmsford councillor since 2011 and Epping Forest councillor 1990-1998. Contested West Chelmsford 2001, 2005, Chelmsford 2010.

5. Michael Green 
6. Linda Jack
7. Hugh Annand


PATRICK O`FLYNN (UKIP) Born 1965, Cambridge. Educated at Kings College London. Daily Express journalist.

STUART AGNEW (UKIP) Born 1949, Norwich. Educated at Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester. Farmer. Contested Mid Norfolk 2001, Norfolk North 2005, Broadland 2010. MEP for East of England since 2009.

TIM AKER (UKIP) Born in Aveley. Educated at Nottingham University. Head of UKIP policy unit.

MICHAEL HEAVER (UKIP) Educated at Coleridge Community College and University of East Anglia. Head of online engagement for UKIP.

5. Mick McGough 
6. Andy Monk
7. Mark Hughes


RUPERT READ (Green) Educated at Oxford University. Academic. Norwich councillor 2004-2011. Contested Eastern region 2009 European elections, Norwich North 2009 by-election.

MARK EREIRA (Green) Born 1962. Educated at Kings School, Ely and Kent University. Consultant. Suffolk county councillor since 2009. Former St Edmundsbury councillor.Contested Bury St Edmunds 1997 for Labour, 2010 for the Green party.

3. Jill Mills 
4. Ash Haynes
5. Marc Scheimann 
6. Robert Lindsay
7. Fiona Radic




3. Mark Burmby 
4. Paul Hooks
5. Stephen Smith 
6. Philip Howell
7. Michael Braun


ROBIN TILBROOK (English Democrat) Born 1958, Kuala Lumpur. Solicitor. Founder of Chairman of the English Democrats. First elected as MP for 1 in Eastern region 2009 European elections, Brentwood and Ongar 2010, Essex Police Commissioner elections 2012.

2. Charles Vickers 
3. Stephen Goldspink
4. Maria Situmbeko 
5. Bridget Cowan
6. Don Whitbread 
7. Jeremy Moss


CARL CLARK (CPA) Educated at Earlham Comprehensive. Sports coach. Breckland councillor since 2011, originally elected for Labour.

2. Mark Clamp 
3. Chris Olley
4. Stephen Todd 
5. Jane Clamp
6. Kirsty Evans 
7. Kevin Austin


PAUL WIFFEN (An Independence from Europe) Educated at King's School, Worcester and Oxford University. Musician and film maker. Contested West Central 2008 London Assembly elections, Scotland 2009 European election for UKIP.

2. Karl Davies 
3. Raymond Spalding
4. Edmond Rosenthal 
5. Rupert Smith
6. Dennis Wiffen 
7. Betty Wiffen


BRIAN DENNY (No2EU) RMT officer. Contested East of England region 2009 European election.

2. Eleanor Donne 
3. Stephen Glennon
4. David Goode 
5. Leonardo Impett
6. Teresa MacKay 
7. Emily Thompson-Golding

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