Thursday, 15 May 2014

East Anglian Ukip councillors - a year later

From the Guardian:

Ukip councillors one year on

A year ago the Guardian published a front-page collage of Ukip's winners in the 2013 local elections, with the headline 'Ukip on the march'. We look at how far they have got

Ukip has lost almost one in 10 county councillors who won seats in 2013

Ukip East Anglian councillors are featured in this excerpt from the Guardian's full article

Ukip winners in the 2013 local elections, 
with party leader Nigel Farage centre stage

Paul Clapp, Cambridgeshire

Clapp petitioned to save a local post office, and protested that the council should pay his £42 travel expenses when he received a court summons over late payment of his council tax, after he had come out of hospital.

Daniel Divine, Cambridgeshire

Divine has opposed cuts to local services for elderly people and posted several political poems on the internet, including one about disliking "political pie".

Kerry Smith, Essex

Smith was one of the Essex councillors who protested against the county hall flying the European Union flag.

Sandra Rylance, Cambridgeshire

Rylance was another unexpected winner who was not at the count, later telling her local paper she was "not a career politician and that is the point, I think".

Keith Gibbs, Essex

Gibbs is a former Conservative and is among the Essex Ukip councillors who protested against county hall flying the EU flag.

Nigel le Gresley, Essex

Le Gresley has campaigned against street lights being switched off early in his town.

Alan Lay, Cambridgeshire

Before his election, Lay controversially blamed rival parties for allowing ­"free-loading" immigrants into the country. He has accused Tories of having a "vendetta" against Ukip councillors.

Mark Ellis, Essex

Ellis protested against a £70 parking fine incurred while on council business, saying he was being penalised for helping people.

Roger Lord, Essex

Lord is the Ukip leader on the council, and has led opposition to pensions for councillors.

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