Saturday, 27 June 2009

BNP wishes 'to save deposit' in Norwich North

As dedicated opponents of bigotry, the HOPE not hate team in Norfolk take the threat of vote gains for the BNP seriously.

HOPE not hate, Norfolk, urges all of the electorate in Norwich North to cast their votes in the imminent by-election for a democratic party.

Any democratic party!

When people do not vote, extremists like the BNP with their few but active supporters win a higher percentage of the overall tally.

Then they crow their hateful and divisive messages from the rooftops like deranged roosters.

Why does HOPE not hate call the BNP 'undemocratic'?

The BNP seeks legislative power over ALL British citizens, but denies SOME British citizens the right to participate in the process. It does this through rules of membership that mean only 'white indigenous British' can become members of the BNP.

This undemocratic requirement is judged a 'potential breach of race discrimination law' by the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission), which has given the BNP until 20th July to provide written undertakings that it will make the changes required by the Commission.

Failure to do so may result in the Commission issuing an application for a legal injunction against the BNP, and could open the floodgates to a series of law suits against the BNP.

The BNP has apparently decided to ignore the EHRC, and is hoping against hope that the by-elections and the coming General Election will give them more votes.

The BNP yearns 'to be taken seriously'.

This is the BNP argument:

At the European Election these were the votes cast in Broadland
Conservative Party 11,647
UK Independence 8,117
Liberal Democrats 5,141
The Green Party 3,549
Labour Party 3,247
British National Party 1,864
BNP Percentage: 5.6%

At the European Election these were the votes cast in the City of Norwich
The Green Party 9,039
Conservative Party 6,329
The Labour Party 6,045
Liberal Democrats 5,409
UK Independence Party 4,449
British National Party 1,686
BNP Percentage: 5.1%

The BNP was in one county council election in the consistuency, in Sprowston.
The result was:
John Ward (Conservative Party 1123
Glenn Tingle (UK Independence Party) 663
Barbara Lashley (Labour Party) 593
Corinne Russen (Liberal Democrat) 564
James Dexter (Green Party) 298
Julia Howman (British National Party) 228
BNP Percentage: 6.6%

The BNP's Martin Wingfield vows:
"We shall be campaigning very hard to save our deposit and on the above results, we must be in with a chance. . . with all the publicity the Party has had since our 'Victory in Europe', I think our vote share will be on the increase.
"The two unknowns are what will happen to the Ukip and the Green vote.
"The Greens don't usually perform too well in by-elections whether it's local council or Parliamentary. . .
"Neither (Green nor Ukip) party saved their deposit in 2005.
"This was the result then -

General Election 2005:
Ian Gibson (Labour) 21.097
James Tumbridge (Con) 15,638
Robin Whitmore (Lib-Dem) 7,616
Adrian Holmes (Green) 1,252
John Youles (UKIP) 1,122
Bill Holden (Ind) 308

Then the BNP's Martin Wingfield makes a wish:
"12 months ago we fought an excellent mid-summer campaign in Henley for the parliamentary by-election there. We only polled 3.6% but because we beat Labour that news made the headlines. This time we could make the news again by saving our deposit."

If enough fairer-minded Norwich North citizens vote for the democratic party of their choice, the BNP will find saving its deposit a vain hope. And at a time when it needs every penny.

As battle lines are drawn and candidates are named, HOPE not hate, Norfolk, has one great asset in this fight to keep Norwich North firmly and fairly democratic.

And that is the candidate that has been put forth by the BNP, the "Reverend" Robert West, a most interesting character.

More about him on Sunday.

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