Friday, 19 June 2009

Norwich North - two of the declared candidates

Labour hold Norwich North but the current Labour MP Ian Gibson has resigned as a result of expenses claims, prompting a by-election. Labour has not yet declared its new candidate for the seat.

Norwich North constituency includes Hellesdon, Old Catton, Catton Grove, Sprowston, Thorpe St Andrew, Sewell, Crome, Mile Cross, Taverham and Drayton.

Here are two confirmed candidates:

Craig Murray, who is standing as an 'independent, anti-sleaze candidate' for Norwich North, is at the mercy of erratic internet connection as he masterminds his campaign from Africa.

Murray writes: "I sacrificed an extremely lucrative career as a British Ambassador, for the principle of opposing British government collusion with torture. I have a proven record of putting principle before money or party." (from an article in the EDP).

Speaking of the "sleaze" of the expenses crisis he added: "I will live in the constituency. I will take only the barest necessary travel expenses to help me do the job, and publish instantly any claim. I will guarantee to keep my expenses to less than 50pc of the average, and hopefully still less.

"We are going in Norwich North to start a movement for reform that will bring in a flood of independents at the following general election," Murray wrote on his blog. "It's a Norfolk movement for people power. We are going to start on Mousehold Heath working for freedom against a corrupt London, just like old Robert Kett. Only this time, we are going to win."

Follow the preparations to take Norwich North in detail on his fascinating blog.

Chloe Smith is the prospective Conservative candidate for Norwich North.

According to her site, Chloe grew up in Stoke Ferry and is a governor of her old comprehensive in Swaffham.

Chloe now works for a 'Big 4' professional services firm. Her career to date has taken her into Whitehall on many government projects.

Chloe says: "It is a great honour to stand for Norwich North. I'm a Norfolk girl and I have a strong record of charity volunteering, constituency case work and local campaigning. I bring energy, passion and a real Norfolk pride to serve Norwich North and work hard for residents.

"I believe in simple government that gets the basics right. I believe that people are enterprising, responsible and imaginative enough to run their own lives - and that's why I'm a Conservative."

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