Monday, 29 June 2009

Summer Campaign

Gordon Brown is under pressure to declare the date of the Norwich North by-election, and some pundits predict an announcement by the end of this week.
Some predict that voting will be sometime in July, whilst others suggest the prime minister will delay the by-election until the autumn.
Whenever it will be, this by-election is of great interest in the political landscape, for it will indicate the mood of the electorate.
Will voters reject the major parties in disapproval of the expenses scandals? Will smaller and non-traditional parties make significant gains?
Voters in Norwich North are centre-stage in a by-election of national importance.
In the meantime, preparations for the By-Election have thrown up opportunities for enthusiastic volunteers willing to forgo lazy days of summer for some exciting work in local politics.
All political parties are searching for volunteers to operate the telephones and answer email, and to canvass and campaign - from delivering leaflets from door-to-door to updating web sites.
Most campaign organisers do not even require that volunteers be members of that party - they understand that some want to learn more before making a choice.
This is an ideal opportunity for unemployed youngsters in the region to learn new skills in strategy and team-working, whilst gaining some interesting experience for the all-important c.v.

Labour, which has just selected Chris Ostrowski as its candidate, welcomes all volunteers. Host families may be available. Check out, email or telephone the charming Alex 07921 406859.

The Conservatives have a dedicated 'Campaign Together' website which seems to be out of order, although it is possible to read a number of disgruntled posts from dissatisfied site users.
If you would like to help Chloe Smith get elected to Parliament for the Conservatives, here are contact details. Web: Email to: Tel: 01603 414774

The LibDems invite help for their campaign to elect Liberal Democrat April Pond in the Norwich North by-election. To volunteer help for the LibDems, call the campaign HQ on 01603 416649, email on, or just come along during the day.

The Greens' candidate Rupert Read urges potential volunteers to "make history, startle the old parties, and give ourselves a real shot at electing the first ever Green Party MP in Norwich North. The Greens need lots of help on numerous tasks in the office and on the streets.
"Please come and stay with us: we can put volunteers up, it will be fun, and you can learn on the job from the expert Norwich team!" Please call 01603 611909.

Craig Murray
writes: "We are going to need volunteers. The election will be in July or September , with July looking more likely. Either way we need to start now. Stevie has volunteered to coordinate. We need office workers, canvassers, leafletters, drivers, media handlers, IT campaign organisers, graphic artists, printers, fundraisers, volunteer coordinators, diary keepers, candidate cheerer uppers, accommodation providers. There is something everybody can do, of whatever age, however mobile, wherever they are."
Send an initial email to giving full contact details, stating what time or resource you might make available, if you live in Norwich or if you can come when you might come, any relevant experience (not that this is required) and anything else that might help. We will work out shortly how to make donations - the offers are greatly appreciated. Accommodation will be available in Norwich for volunteers.
Bill Holden is not asking for volunteers, but contact details are on his website

Libertarian Thomas Burridge has not published contact details. Try the libertarian national website

HOPE not hate, Norfolk will also be looking for volunteers. We support all the democratic parties, and look forward to an interesting, free and fair by-election.
We do not support the divisive and hateful messages of the BNP, however, and we shall be campaigning against the policies of despair as proposed by the BNP's "Reverend" Robert West.
Contact us by email

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